Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Texas Turkey

"Titan, that little game of yours has no place in a big state like Texas. You can get away with patty cake tennis at Kinsley but down here you got to cowboy up" crowed Stuart 'Santa Ana' Gourd at the completion of play at Northwest Park in Austin this date. "Put it this way (sic) pahdner: you're like a bronc that's been broken long ago and now's only fit to be ridden by little old ladies lookin' for that one last thrill" cracked the 'amiable attorney' after his (3-6, 1-6) whipping of the 'desultory dilettante' who wandered into his line of fire. "You thought you got the drop on me calling me at the last minute for a game. You thought you could drop and then lob me to a victory. Think again! You dropped in the 92 degree heat." Indeed, TennisTitan was competitive for half a set (3-3) before the wheels came off and he dropped nine of the last ten games. "Titan, best you hook up with those 'dilly Dell' boys if you're looking for a victory in Texas. Their stock is down, just like yours. Consider yourself lucky. You saw the 'King,' George Strait, Friday night, you met your 'King' this afternoon!

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