Wednesday, August 30, 2006


TennisTitan doesn't know which is worse: not having the Open on TV because of the inclement weather, not being able to play tennis, or knowing that the Kinsley resurfacing cannot be completed due to the rain. What do you think?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rob "The Rail" Briscoe Posted by Picasa

"Put two more in the 'W' column" Posted by Picasa

TT says, "I can at LEAST teach him how to eat"! Posted by Picasa

A Briscoe Has Got to Win!

Yeah, tonight the TennisTitan stacked the deck in favor of a Briscoe. TT had the pleasure of competing in two sets against his nephew Rob "The Rail' Briscoe as a prelude to a wonderful dinner prepared by his wife, Mrs. Therese Briscoe during a family gathering of the Briscoe clan in Monmouth Co. Your Titan again found himself in a tony neighborhood, this time Colts Neck NJ, displaying his particular brand of school yard, in-your-face tennis. Rob was gracious enough to agree to a match having not eaten and after a full day's work. Titan appropriately made short work of him in the first set and provided the nourishing bagel (6-0). Rob opened the second set with a hold and after dropping the next four games to the 'bloated behemoth' responded with three of his own to level the contest at four games a piece. Your Titan broke his nephew's heart (and serve) in the critical ninth game coming back from 40 love to steal the multi deuce game. TennisTitan administered the coup d' gras at love in game ten (6-4). As the pair exited the facility a crestfallen Briscoe was heard to murmur a Marlon Brando line to his Uncle Tom, "Godfather, some day I may ask something of you... it may be to teach me how to construct a point against boisterous blowhards I may play!"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Next time, Titan, Next time." Posted by Picasa

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Different Park, Same ...

TennisTitan and fellow enthusiast George 'Chemist' Hauss took to the courts this evening for two sets of fun tennis at a new venue for the Titan. The pair graced Edith Welty Park in central Yonkers after being rebuffed by the overflow crowd at Andrus Park on Central Av. Your Titan continued his recent mastery over his erstwhile rival capturing the sets (4 and 1). TT fell behind quickly in the opener (1-4) as the 'Chemist' returned several reflex half volleys from the baseline to the Titan's chagrin breaking the 'bloated behemoth' twice with little difficulty. Titan staved off the onslaught in game 6 with a difficult hold and proceeded to run the table (5 games in a row). 'Chemist' opened set 2 with a hold but could not find the answer to solve Titan's consistent return game and effective service as TennisTitan ripped off six in a row. 'Chemist' who aced the 'bombastic blowhard' four times during the match launched his sharpest delivery as the boys headed to the exit with, "Titan, this is the place for you. With so few houses nearby, it's like when a tree falls in the woods..."

TT says, "We don't need lines, we don't use 'em anyway." Posted by Picasa

"Watching this paint dry is like waiting for TT to get to net." Posted by Picasa

"Do You Believe in Miracles!?"

Your TennisTitan eagerly awaits the re-opening of his beloved Kinsley Park. The four courts are in the process of being resurfaced this week. Play may resume on Sat. 8/26. Let's see, I've lived in Yonkers 27 years and over that time paid between $200K and $225K in taxes. Finally, I am getting something of value for my money. Thank you Mayor Phil Amicone!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Xanti and Eric Egana Posted by Picasa

"I will use a cesta next time Titan."  Posted by Picasa

"Hey mom, I met the TennisTitan." Posted by Picasa

Titan Basqued in all his glory!

Your TennisTitan tasted the fruits of his membership in the Westchester Meetup Tennis Group for the first time this morning. With Kinsley Park undergoing much needed rehabilitation Titan and George'Chemist' Hauss ventured to tony Harrison NY to engage in a doubles match with the father and son duo, Xanti and Eric Egana. TT/'Chemist' had too much game for the Eganas who were new to doubles and had only faced each other as opponents in singles. With the Yonkers boys dominating the first two sets (0, 3) the teams were reshuffled to allow for more competitive play with TT and 'Chemist' playing a set with each Egana. Both men prospered when paired with 25 year old Eric in defeating Papa Egana (2, 2). As Titan and 'Chemist' retreated to the parking lot at Harrison HS Titan remarked to 'Chemist,' "Georgie, it cost us $5 each to play in this upscale community, you'd think they would have a working water fountain." To wit the elder 'Papa' Egana opined, "In my country, the Basque people are proud of their ability in handball and jai alai." Eric chirped, "Dad, Titan and 'Chemist' could have beaten us today with cestas instead of racquets. Vamos Papa! Adios amigos"

Monday, August 14, 2006

"Titan, WE ALL want to BEAT YOU!" Posted by Picasa

"So Titan, you think you can play tennis?" Posted by Picasa

"Humbled, never Humiliated." Posted by Picasa

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"Titan I am going to the club tonight, why don't you join me for the round robin" those were Frank 'Slats' Slattery's words of welcome that greeted TT this morning when the phone rang. Titan and 'Slats' got off to an auspicious start as a doubles team offering up a quick bagel (6-0) to the overmatched Rich 'What am I doing here?' Condon and Kathy 'I am no Gussie' Moran. Reshuffling the teams for the second set TT failed to distinguish himself as he and 'I am not Gussie' fell behind love-four before sustaining the ignominy of a (3-6)defeat. But the (best?) worse was yet to come.'Slats' hooked up a doubles match against Mike 'I'll be playing you in singles anyway' Edwards and Amackassin's resident senior club pro Kevin 'Hustler' O'Rourke. Well TennisTitan and 'Slats' were schooled but good in the three sets that followed (2,2,3). TT/'Slats' battled best they could but were down love-four and love-three in sets 1 and 2 before getting on the board. (3-3 in games in the third was a pyrrhic victory.) 'Hustler' was dominant throughout the match enabling his partner to work on his net game and learn more of the strategy specific to a doubles game. 'Hustler' always was in position to cover mistakes and his speed and court anticipation regularly denied TT/'Slats' winners that otherwise would be theirs. As the chastened doubles pair headed for their post match libation, 'Slats' queried,"Titan, 5 sets, you think you got your $8 worth?" To wit TennisTitan replied, "For Christ sake Frankie, if I am going to get my ass kicked it's good to learn that the 'Hustler' was the number one Jasper during my time at Manhattan and was a national over 55 champion. Humbled but not humiliated. I love this game!"

Sunday, August 13, 2006

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When is a Vacation not a Vacation?

When there is no one to play tennis with! Damn it!! Your Titan spends 12 days in the tennis capital of the United States and gets bageled in opportunities. No matter that it was hotter in NY than in Lee County Fl. most days. TT would play in any conditions, Fl or NY. Titan knows where to get a game when he is in Yonkers. Like today. Home but a mere 10 hours Titan contacted erstwhile opponent George 'Chemist' Hauss and wallah - the 'bloated behemoth' took the court for two scintillating sets of tennis played in ideal condition, that incidentally had IDEAL results. Titan shook off the rust at 3-3 in games to double break the 'Chemist' late and seal the opener (6-3). Your Titan held tough in the second set after relinquishing a 4-2 lead to the more well conditioned athlete to break in the critical 12th game and perservere (7-5). 'Chemist' reminded the 'boisterous blowhard' as they exited Kinsley,"Titan, how about next time you get a yen for some action, you give me more than 90 minutes notice. Just because you think of yourself as a tennis slut, treat me better than a call girl!"