Tuesday, June 28, 2005

TT, You Don't "Cry" when I am your partner

Use Your Union's Optical Benefits, please

TennisTitan and 'Kraut' paired for a two setter this afternoon against 'Big Al' and 'Slats' at Kinsley with mixed results. TT/'Kraut' won the opener (6-3) in comfortable fashion but let the night cap slip away dropping the tie breaker (6-7) (5). Kudos to the opponents who came back from a (4-2) deficit to earn a somewhat tainted victory. Titan and 'Der Kluger' almost re-stole victory from the jaws of defeat coming back from a 0-5 deficit in the breaker to draw even, but let momentum slip away to lose the next two points. Titan remarked to 'Der Kluger' as they left the sweat-stained court, "There was no way that Slats was going to lose that second set, not after he made that "out" call in the 11th game that would have given us the lead... even 'Big Al' couldn't look us in the eye." Kraut summed it succinctly, "Titan, Slats and I received our summer checks today... now THAT IS stealing, this is fun!"

Saturday, June 25, 2005

"Well, not quite Wimbledon, but..." Posted by Hello

"Dromedaries?" Posted by Hello

"Sauerbraten"...my meat...potted..slow-cooked... Posted by Hello

"Boys of Eire" Posted by Hello

Willkommen Der Chemiker

"Hey, hey, if I gotta pay I'm gonna PLAY," so sang the Titan as he left the Amackassin Country Club euphorically on Saturday afternoon after rudely welcoming back George 'Chemist' Hauss to the game we all love with a sweep of three sets. Titan/'Slats' engaged the Teutonic tandem of 'Kraut'/'Chemist' in sweltering conditions in a match that had the local club members wondering if these boys were dromedaries or just gluttons for the punishing heat and humidity. 'Chemist,' coming off a three month injury layoff involving a torn hamstring, was no match for the wiley veterans on the far side of the net. 'Der Kluger' was unable to generate the pace that adds so much to his game on the hard court at Kinsley or pursue his precious weenie- shot philosophy on the terbe tu. Indeed, TT converted several droppers hit against him that had 'Chemist' whip out his ph kit and ask for a urine sample of the bloated behemoth. But let us not diminish the efforts of the Teutonic Twosome in sets 1 and 2 when they rallied late to draw even, only to succumb to the more steady play of TT/'Slats'. After breaking 'Kraut' in the always critical 9th game, Titan held to take the opener (6-4), In set 2 TT/'Slats' carelessly lost a 4-3 (up a break) lead only to storm back in the 12th game to force the tie breaker. Titan again administered the coup d' grace (7-6) (5) getting 'Chemist' to hit meekly into the twine on that same slice serve that 'Chemist' is so well known for. Set 3 - "always about heart" - had TT front and center. Whether it was 'Slats' defense, leg weariness of the opposition, or Titan feeling invincible with his mix of off speed deliveries and returns it was "no contest" as the 'Boys of Eire' pounded out an easy (6-1) victory. As the boys enjoyed their post match beverage in the clubhouse, Titan remarked, "You guys are gonna be "Sauerbraten" in the blog. You were my meat today; you were potted, slow-cooked, and simmered in 93 degree temperature over 2 and one-half hours." See pictures below.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

TT, do you know the Meatloaf song of '78; "Two out of Three Ain't Bad." Posted by Hello

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Excuses, excuses

Titan and 'Slats' re-engaged the Schnittzels boys at Kinsley this date with less than satisfactory results. TT/Slats dropped 2 of the 3 sets played (4-6, 1-6, 6-1). None of the participants performed at the level exhibited last Saturday on the clay or in their previous match at Kinsley a fortnight ago (a little timely Wimbledon lingo) for the uninitiated. Titan attributes his (and others') lackluster performance to several factors that impacted play. The late afternoon start assured that all courts were in use, occasional stray balls and player movement on adjoining courts, and a softball game in progress behind the server (half the time), were at best a nuisance and at worst a constant distraction. Nonetheless, 'King Gene'/'Kraut' broke through in the critical ninth game of set 1 at 4-4 enabling 'Der Kluger' to serve it out. The victorious duo cruised to an easy second set win by playing consistent 'return' tennis allowing Titan/'Slats' to over hit and miscue balls ordinarily kept in play. The tide turned serendipidously in the third set for the tandem of 'TT/Slats' when a REAL Distraction may have influenced 'My Liege, KG' and the tiring 'Kraut.' None other than Mrs. 'KG' appeared at courtside awaiting His Highness to finish his match so that she could be accorded the treatment befitting true royalty. Was it her presence that deflated 'KG's game; surely it was not the play of 'TT/'Slats' that led to the 6-1 finale. 'Slats' put it into perspective as he led Titan to the parking lot, "You know how it is Titan, King Gene's reign ends right here at Kinsley, back at the castle in Dobbs Ferry, he's just another pawn on the chessboard of marriage."

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Amack-ASS-in has new meaning Posted by Hello

TwiddleDumb and TwiddleDee Posted by Hello

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Movin' on Up!

"You can take TennisTitan out of the schoolyard but you can't take the schoolyard out of the TennisTitan, so was the refrain of the Slattery boys as they left the Amackassin Club in North Yonkers after enduring two and one-half hours of inanities spewing from that bloviator, TT, as members on adjoining courts looked on bewilderedly. Titan backed up his raucous on-court behavior with some very fine play enabling 'Slats and TT' to capture the fourth set (6-3) against the "Schnittzel Boys", 'King Gene' and 'Kraut' Kluge, in a very evenly and well-played four setter. TT came out firing in the opener, once again establishing himself as "King of the Doubles Alley," taking away 'KG's ability to control the middle when at net, in their first set victory (6-3). To their credit 'KG/Kraut' would have none of it in sets 2 and 3 as they took control of play, racing to a (love-4) lead in set 2. 'TT/Slats' stopped congratulating each other for their first set victory and made it a contest at 3-4 before succumbing (3-6). Set 3 appeared to be the death knell for TT/Slats as they were broken in 9th game and watched as 'Kraut' served it out (4-6). More errors were creeping into Titan/Slats' games. TT tended to over hit and Frank got to fewer balls and began to flitter away too many easy put-aways at net. But inexplicably Titan was re-energized when given a chance to square things with a fourth set. He held serve in the 1st, 5th and deciding 9th games with all games going to multiple deuce. TT's says "it's all about heart" in the final set and Titan's aorta was pumping as he pasted the ultimate winner down the doubles alley by a bemused 'King Gene.' Upon departure Titan was seen shaking his head ashenly as he overheard 'KG' and 'Slats' explain their choice of guests at the exclusive 'whites only' club to the proprietor, "We'll tell 'Der Kluger' to put bleach in his next undershirt wash and maybe help him understand that biege shorts are not quite white, but as for the Titan, remember the name of the club, Amack - ASS -IN... TT's very appropriate, don't you think!"

Saturday, June 11, 2005

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"Was it good for you too?"

Those of you who follow this blog know that TT was disappointed last weekend not to have had his dream doubles match realized on June 4th. Well, today that contest between My Liege, 'King Gene' Slatttery and Bob 'Kraut' Kluge versus 'Slats' and the Titan came to fruition. TT/Slats rallied from a 1-3 deficit to win the set (7-5) against these two mighty stalwarts of Kinsley. Titan owned the doubles alley against 'KG', and 'Slats' all-round hustle and defense held sway against the more able bodied players. 'KG' chose not to "bring it" on his serve for most of the set and it ultimately cost him. TT held serve in the critical 11th game and his looping lobs to 'Der Kluger's' backhand in game 12 led to 'KG's being broken. Titan stepped aside for the second set enabling "Not ESPN" Scott to pair with 'Slats' against the defeated duo. 'KG'/'Kraut' prevailed at 6-4 by breaking 'Not ESPN in the pivotal 11th game to close it out on 'KG's serve. As TT re-entered the court replacing 'Der Kluger' who was excused early to celebrate his 55th birthday, My Liege rejected TT's overture to pair with him, consigning the Titan to again play with the junior Slattery. Set three was a doozy. With Clarence, the 'Jamaican Road Runner' and Yonkers High tennis coach Diane Borek cheering the spirited play, Titan displayed fortitude and flash as he led the junior Slattery back to the victory trough (7-6) (4) in the tie breaker against 'KG'/'Not ESPN'. As Titan left the field of play, a happy Frank Slattery remarked, "Titan, I might not be willing to buy a can tennis balls, but let me know if I can buy you I can of coffee." To wit TT replied, "Slats, you've got bragging rights now against cousin Gene, whether at Amacassin or Maine, I've got your back... but it damn near broke mine carrying you." 'KG' remarked, "Titan, you not only have Frank's back, but with the calls you were making today, I'm pretty sure you have his eyes too."

Saturday, June 04, 2005

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The 'formidable' "Not Espn" Stuart Scott Posted by Hello

King Gene returns to action at Kinsley Posted by Hello


TennisTitan welcomed back some familiar faces at Kinsley this date, namely King Gene, aka 'My Liege' and Stuart 'Not Espn" Scott as he hooked up for a set of doubles and a pair of single sets against recent opponents. The Titan was most pleased with his efforts against "Der Kluger," coming away with a (7-5) victory and a (5-5) draw after dropping a set of doubles with Kiode Kid (4-6) to 'Big Al' and 'Slats.' Titan came from behind in both singles affairs to 'catch' the 'Kraut' at the wire, breaking Bob in the 11th game of set 1 and in the 10th game of set 2 to avert defeat, as has been his recent experience with the "Deutchlander." Most disappointing to TT (and probably to 'Slats,' 'King Gene,' and 'Kraut') was our inability to have this foursome engage in a much discussed and anticipated spirited game of doubles due to 'Big Al's' intransigence. It appears that Titan will have to more regularly engage these worthy opponents in singles to test his mettle or be more selective in accepting doubles partners that would impact that day's play. Nonetheless, TT relished today's play and recognizes "that those who can play singles, should play singles." He anxiously awaits opportunities against the "Cousins Slattery" and a formidable 'Not Espn' to fill the void in 'Kraut's' absence. Indeed, 'Not Espn' and 'My Liege' looked particularly strong in their singles play against each other in the morning's finale after a less than scintillating performance in doubles.