Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Can you make a damn volley T-Rick!" Posted by Picasa

Amackassin Boys, "Blog That!" Posted by Picasa

T-rick or Treat

"Titan, I was the treat you were expecting earlier today." These were the calming words offered by Rich 'Cola' Condon after he helped salvage TT's day at the Amackassin Club this afternoon. Titan had benefited from the fine net play offered by RC 'Cola' in their (6-2) victory over Frank 'Slats' Slattery and 'Rockin' T-rick' Ricci. This was in marked contrast to the first two sets in which TT paired with 'RRR' that resulted in disappointing losses to the Amackassin boys (6-8, 3-6). Titan had pop on his serve and played inspired tennis in erasing 0-3 and 1-4 deficits to be in position to take the first set in regulation time. Uncharacteristically, 'RRR' followed his chronic shanking of net volleys throughout this day with two consecutive double faults on his service to give 'Slats'/'RC Cola' the opening they needed. Set 2 was more of the same from an increasingly ineffective 'RRR' and a despirited 'bombastic blowhard.' Titan heard the catcalls of "where is your partner?" and "put that in the blog" from the pussy-whipped opponent on the other side of the net as TT's game neared 'RRR's level late in set two. As the foursome met at net in the twilight 'RRR' opined, "Titan, I feel as if I prostituted myself playing with you today. You should have to pay anyone who has to listen to that incessant bullshit of yours. I guess that makes me your trick, huh?"

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lira - Euro - Shekel Posted by Picasa

Currency in Tennis

TennisTitan took to the courts today at the Yonkers Tennis Center. TT paired with 'Tony No Baloney' Guido in the first of two highly competitive sets. TT/'NB' defeated 'Rockin' Rick Ricci and Yossi 'Israeli Time' Newman (6-3) in the opener. Kudos to 'IT' who has lifted his play in recent days making this a harder fought contest than anticipated by the Titan. TennisTitan had 'pop' on his serve and did the yeoman work until 'NB' hit his stride in set number two. The tandem of 'RRR'/'NB' overcame a 3-1 deficit to run the table and take set 2 (3-6) from the enigmatic Israeli and the 'bombastic blowhard.' 'RRR'/Titan were serving up (2-1 partial) when play was called due to time constraints. As 'Israeli Time' left the court he reminded the 'bloviating behemoth,' "Titan, for few shekels more, I'll play as well for you as I did for Rick." To wit the Italian 'RRR' chimed in with, "Yossi, I initially thought I wouldn't give you any LIRA, but now EURO kay to play with!"

Friday, October 27, 2006

"You were too heavy today,TT." Posted by Picasa

We'll Never know if...

Your Titan joined Tony 'No Baloney' Guido, Yossi 'Israeli Time' Newman and Hanibal 'the Caballero' for some fun tennis this morning. In the initial set TT paired with 'Israeli Time' against 'NB'/'Caballero.' Much to Titan's surprise this set was quite competitive (3-6) as 'Israeli Time' played significantly above his usual ability. It was TT whose level was inadequate to offset the consistent play on 'NB' and the big serves and groundies offered by 'Caballero.' The more equitable pairing occured in set two when 'Caballero' joined Titan in a slug fest that resulted in another (3-6) loss. 'No Baloney' was deft with his drop volleys and 'Israeli Time' maintained a high level of performance in both the fore and back courts. Titan could not find the rhythm on his 'pop' serve, nor play strong 'placement tennis' to offset 'NB's superior all-court game and the overachieving Yossi. The third set (4-2 partial) still hung in the balance with TT serving at 15-love when play was called. 'No Baloney' offered small consolation when at net he queried the 'bloated behemoth', "Titan, you gained some weight while in Florida? You were damn heavy to carry this morning!"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Weren't the Surfaris a trio too,Titan" Posted by Picasa


"Titan, d'ya remember the hit instrumental from February '63? I'm gonna dedicate my play today to refresh your memory." So said Bill 'EBL' Tully as he and 'Big Al' took the court to do battle against Roy 'Mr Spin' Marzullo and TennisTitan this date at the YTC. TT/'Mr Spin' were lambasted over three sets (3-6, 1-6, 0-4 partial). Titan had pop on his serve and some game through most of the first set. The 'bloated behemoth' never recovered from an ace-denying, game winning boomer that shot-spot missed. Ergo we went with the venerable eyes of 77 year old Italian Stallion who had been aced 3 times previously in the set by TT. The deflated 'boisterous blowhard' went on to drop the game and the first set. 'Mr Spin' was off his game, a step or two slower and ineffective with his lobs and usually well placed sliced, short, cross-court returns. 'Big Al' effectively complemented 'EBL's baseline coverage with crisp put-away volleys off the misfirings of 'Mr Spin' and TT. "Titan, maybe my eyes aren't what they used to be, but there is nothing wrong with my reflex volley, wouldn't you say?" was Al's ace. A chastened Titan, saved by the bell from a likely 4th bagel this week, was nonplused by 'EBL's closing comment. "Titan, you don't move well any more, but didn't you dance to the Surfaris "WIPE OUT" at your high school prom?"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TT, you are the "mouth from the south." Posted by Picasa

TT with Zippidy-Doo-Dah Posted by Picasa

"Titan, we are ALL winners!" Posted by Picasa


Your Titan hit the ground running (ok, would you believe walking fast?) this morning as he rejoined his morning group at the Yonkers Tennis Center, (not so) fresh from four weeks in Florida . TennisTitan paired with Mario 'Zippy' Zino for two fun-filled sets against Jeff 'LimoMan' Berkon and Yossi 'Israeli Time' Newman. Titan relishes this pairing because 'Zippy' appears to lack confidence in his game and has a problematic shoulder. Moreover, it is more fun to toy with 'Israeli Time' and watch the fireworks between he and 'LimoMan' over court coverage responsibilities. Titan did not bring "pop" to his game, choosing today to play placement tennis and let the light shine brightly on Zippy. Mario's game improved perceptibly over the two sets (6-4, 6-2) and he was more than able to handle the disproportionate amount of returns sent his way. Titan happily paired with 'Israeli Time' for the third set (4-1 partial). TT couldn't determine whose smile was broader for that decision. Yossi, who loves to be on the winning side, or 'LimoMan' who opined at the handshake, "Somehow, I feel like a winner too."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Flash has had enough. Posted by Picasa

"Still crazy after all these years."

Yup, that was TennisTitan's thought as he awakened at 5:30 A.M. TennisTitan was facing his last opportunity to play 'CC Flash' in singles on this segment of the Southern Senior Tour this date. It would be a fourth consecutive day on the court and again in difficult conditions against an opponent who doesn't know the word "tired." 'Gentleman Jim' had his way with me last Friday (0,1) and he had bageled me earlier in the week too! Damn, a much weaker ' Engineer' had bageled me in the third set on Saturday. The prospects were not good, but what the hell... Titan sucked it up and refused to cancel. Indeed, he refused to lose. With the refrain of another Simon and Garfinkel tune in his head, "Slip Sliding Away" your Titan, who had given away a 4-1 lead needed a break to level the contest at six games a piece in the 12th game, came up with the goods. Titan proceeded to hold in the 13th game and close it out at love by breaking (not so) 'Gentleman Jim' to complete his Southern Senior Tour on a positive note (8-6). "One set is all I can take today," opined Titan at net. 'Flash' reminded Titan, "Hey, Yankee, that's one more game than I needed to beat your sorry ass twice on Friday!" "See ya next time!"

Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Now you can go back to New York, Titan" Posted by Picasa

Gordon 'Computer Prof' Couturier and Roger 'not Fred' McMurry Posted by Picasa

"Oh, my aching legs!"

Your Titan was all set to renew hostilities in singles against the 'Engineer' when fate intervened this date. TennisTitan still had the bitter aftertaste of that bagel George served up in the third set yesterday but was saved by the opportunity to join two of 'Engineer's tennis cohorts in some doubles instead. In the opening set Titan/'Engineer teamed' for a (6-0) thrashing of Gordon 'The Computer Prof' Couturier and Roger 'I'm Not Fred' McMurry. To be fair both men had just completed 90 minutes of mixed doubles play when they were prevailed upon to 'play on' and join TT and 'Engineer.' "Oh, my aching legs" was Titan's thought as he faced a possible third consecutive day of singles. The second set saw Titan pair with 'The Computer Prof' in a spirited and evenly played match (7-5) against 'not Fred'/'Engineer.' George continued his improved play this date and looks to be a formidable foe for TT. Both 'The Computer Prof' and 'Not Fred' showed significant potential in the later games of the set as they got away from the patty-cake ladies game and began to hit out. Titan will be sure to include them on his dance card the next foray to The Tennis and Sail Club when he resumes his Southern Senior Tour later this winter.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Engineer says, "Did you enjoy your bagel,TT?" Posted by Picasa

"TT, now go eat at Buddy/Freddys" Posted by Picasa

Country Buffet

Your Titan traveled 150 miles up the west coast of Florida to visit his friend at the beautiful Lake Tarpon Sail and Tennis Club in Tarpon Springs for the weekend. During the visit TennisTitan had the pleasure of playing George 'Engineer' Pratt in some singles. Titan and 'Engineer got it on in a three-set affair this date that produced mixed results for the 'boisterous behemoth.' Titan cruised to easy (6-0, 6-1) victories against the 'Engineer' who is still shaking off the ill effects of shoulder surgery 7 months ago. 'Engineer' demonstrated renewed resilience in set three as he thoroughly outplayed your itinerant hacker and humbled the 'bloated blowhard' with a (0-6) rout. As the 'Engineer' repaired to his top floor apartment overlooking Lake Tarpon he hurled one final barb toward TT as the Titan entered Harry Cardon's ground floor residence for all to hear. "Hey, Titan, you always come to Tarpon Springs to feast at Buddy/Freddy's Country Buffet with your pal Harry. Make sure you look me up when you want a bagel, I understand it's not on the breakfast menu." "Ouch" groaned a weary Titan.

Friday, October 20, 2006

"I packed a good punch today." Posted by Picasa

Creamed and Reamed

And I am not talking about coffee or sheets of paper! Titan was on the losing end of a very lopsided two setter this morning. TT was bageled in the opening set and managed but one game in the second (0-6, 1-6) as he got his come uppance from 'CC Flash.' Played in very humid conditions Titan was no match for the more well conditioned athlete from Cape Coral. 'Gentleman Jim' kept his returns in bounds and short and was never threatened by the 'boisterous behemoth.' There was hardly a beep from the 'blowhard's side of the net in the 75 minute debacle. Titan was sluggish from the get-go and could not get his legs going in the oppressive conditions. As 'CC Flash' exited the BCK tennis compound he made sure that Titan knew that Marie Antoinette was one of his favorite historical characters. Referring to Titan's enjoying his grand daughters' second birthday last night 'Flash' chortled "Why don't you have another piece of cake, bozzo?" "I did all but guilottine you today Titan!"

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"It took 3 racquets, Flash" Posted by Picasa

Breakfast and then Some

"So Titan, have you had enough?" That was how 'CC Flash' returned to the court to begin the second set of their morning match today. 'Flash' had dismantled the 'boisterous behemoth' in a mere 20 minutes breaking the 'bloated blowhards' three service games as he bageled the TennisTitan. Your Titan was outplayed game in, game out but persevered in the hot humid temperatures to compete in the second set. And compete he did. Titan won his first game of the day to make it (1-2) and proceeded to hold serve again (2-3) to make the second set interesting. Ahem, did I say interesting? 'CC Flash' who never has to sweat due to exertion did begin to feel the heat as TT broke him again to level the set at three. Your Titan had finally found the range after one hour of playing time and those long points so typically favoring the fitter Flash were now ending with Titan winners or CC's unforced errors. TennisTitan held in the critical ninth game to take a (5-4) lead and came up with the goods at love-thirty to seal one of his most satisfying come back wins (6-4) . 'Flash emulated the sight often seen at the US Open by firing the three game balls into the canal, the dumpster area, and over E Building to the astonishment of the pool side bathers! Temper, Temper, Gentleman Jim.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

"3 little kids, ONE BIG WIN, Titan" Posted by Picasa

Reality Check

TennisTitan took advantage of the opportunity to play 'Big Daddy' Jeff Briscoe this beautiful afternoon at Blue Crab Key. 'BDJ' had been away from the courts since his last match with the senior Briscoe but was more than up to the task in this one-set match (3-6). 'Big Daddy' secured the early break and never looked back as he opened a three love lead before dropping a game to the Titan. 'BDJ' handled the offensive parries thrown his way with relative ease. Titan was unable to get his younger opponent to expend the necessary energy to neutralize his agility advantage in the 40 minute contest. As the father-son tandem met at net 'Big Daddy' opined "one's enough for me today dad, you're in better shape." Titan quipped, "I hope three's enough in terms of children, I don't think I have enough energy to get you through another one." And then 'BD's final ace, "Dad, each game I let you win, I named in honor of one of the kids!"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

"T'was for you Joey." Posted by Picasa

'Twas for You Joe-Joe

"Wham,"... the sound of Titan's return of 'CC Flashes' opening serve as it caught the vertex of the baseline and sideline in the backhand corner. It was a harbinger of things to come. The osprey cawed in delight as 'Flash' looked to the heavens forelornly as his 85 mph serve that had 'pop' was met by "Pop-Pop's" (Grandpa's) emphatic answer. It was the first of many to whistle into the backhand corner defuzzing the Wilson #2's and deflating the 'Cape Coral Road Runner.' 'Flashes' big game is only exceded by his temper and the 'boisterous blowhards' ego. Barely 30 hours after the birth of his grandson Joey and 12 hours removed form his 72 hour stint as baby-sitter for the two other toddlers your Titan was back on the BCK hard courts celebrating another delivery. First-rate Titan Tennis. Titan ran off with the opening set (6-1) but left the field of battle far more invigorated with his second set performance. Gentleman Jim put a screeching halt to the Titan's 8 game run at 3 three love in the second set and quickly brought the set back on serve. There were no more self-congratualtory comments being emitted by the 'bloated behemoth' as he struggled to hold serve in the critical seventh and ninth games. Titan held in a triple deuce game and come back from love-20 in the other. How good was it to break Flash in the tenth and deciding game, you ask(6-4)? "Too good" was Titan's triumphant cry to the osprey pole as the bird of prey devoured his fresh catch. If a two and four year old can not wilt the Titan's energy over a three day period, there's no way 85 degrees, 90% humidity and a superior conditioned athlete can do it!. Afterall, "I am a TennisTitan." As Flash seethed putting his racket away and disdained the post match photo op, he fired his fifth ace of the morning with "I think 'Boisteous Blowhard' is a better fit my friend."

Friday, October 06, 2006

"I'm annoyed with you Titan." Posted by Picasa

Where There's a Will...

There's a Way... and your Titan found it. TennisTitan returned to the courts this evening after a two week absence from his passion. He was privileged to hook up a last minute match against Jim 'CC Flash' Stephens at the Mid-Cape tennis facility at which 'Flash' is a member. Titan was delighted that 'CC' agreed to play on the clay. It enabled TT to minimize his usual post-match aches so that he'd be reasonably fresh for the baby sitting dutes that still lie before him in the coming days. 'Flash' prefers the BCK hard courts which gives him greater traction and magnifies his foot speed advantage against the 'boisterous behemoth.' His preference is well founded. TennisTitan came out strong in the opening set - hitting with precsion and respectable pace. 'Flash' was just too strong, too determined, and damn lightning fast as usual. The result: a thrashing of the 'bloated blowhard' (1-6). Your Titan knew that he had played well, carrying all his game losses to multi-deuce. How despiriting for the Titan to have so little to show for his efforts! But dear readers, Titan has Plan B. After securing the early break in the second set, TT put that plan in action. "Forget about hitting to CC's forehand, forget about trying to overpower this man of 145lbs. with pace...mix it up, pin him to the baseline with lobs, serve 3/4 speed, paint the lines with short angle cross courts." Julia Child had no better recipe. 'Flash' imploded quicker than the Twin Towers. His racket was flying in disgust at himself as his frustration grew. By the time he was broken a second time (down 3-love) TT was purring like a contented cat. Titan walked away with that bagel (6-0). 'Flash' who initially celebrated the rare opportunity to play singles aginst a foe of comprable ability was heard muttering to himself as he climbed into his car, "Damn Yankees, they'll do anything necessary to get a victory - even play girl's tennis! That purring sound was from a pussy!!