Friday, October 28, 2005

TT has his ups and downs Posted by Picasa


TennisTitan concluded his October Southern Senior Tour on a mildly positive note. Titan split two sets against 'CC Flash' this date (6-4,4-6) at Blue Crab Key. TT feels that he was lucky to win the opening set in that he was again plagued by an inability to close out games/sets against this worthy opponent. Titan up 4-1 in games gave it all back (4-4) but survived the pivotal ninth game by holding his serve after the sixth deuce, after dissapating an early 40-15 lead in that game. Obligingly 'Gentleman Jim' was broken at love in the 10th game following his disappointing missed break opportunity. 'Flash' ran off to a three game lead in the second set but enabled TT to crawl back into the set (4-5) with some loose play before closing it out on his serve. Had 'Flash' played to his recent level of ability TT would not have been in either contest. Titan has his work cut out for him when these two meet for another spate of matches in a month or so. TT must establish control of the point from his serve or first return to countermand 'CC's speed and superior conditioning and mobility. It won't be easy, that's for sure. Now back to NY doubles!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Titan with 'Engineer' Posted by Picasa

"Engineering" a victory

Well Titan eked out a couple of sets against George "Engineer" Pratt at the Lake Tarpon Sail and Tennis Club this date (8-6, 7-5). TT did nothing to distinguish himself in the contests. It was a match between two crippled ne'er-do-wells with the winner sure to be the last man standing. Titan, now known better as 'MLM' (Man of Little Movement) certainly lived up to his moniker. TennisTitan got to so few balls today that even he would be denied entry into the most liberal homosexual bathhouse in San Francisco! (Cute huh)? 'Engineer' was up 6-5 in the first set and 5-3 in the nightcap only to have his bum right shoulder fail him in the clutch. It was the one-armed man vs. the one-legged man! Titan knows all about being unable to close out games/sets this trip with CC Flash dominating at BCK and snatching a few near victories from TT. But special kudos are due to the 'Engineer' for his persistence on the court, tolerance of TT's bombastic behavior, and willingness to accept a rare opportunity to play singles with little notice. Georgie, thanks so much for giving me a jolt of undeserved confidence and getting my tennis juices flowing during my time without electric power.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

'Flash' smugging for the camera. Posted by Picasa

Hazy, Hot and Humid

Well it was all of that when TennisTitan met 'CC Flash' this date. But Titan realizes that 'Gentleman Jim's' game as of now is too much to contend with for TT because of other 'Hs.' 'CC's' HUSTLE chasing down balls from baseline to the net and from sideline to sideline is unmatched in Titan's realm of singles players. Titan is also HARRIED at every opportunity to produce a winner on the next ball due to 'Flash's' speed rather than await an error off his racquet. TT's right knee is severely HURT, offering him no push-off on his first step to the ball or stability on his serve toss. Indeed Titan was HELPLESS in today's crushing defeat by 'Flash'(1-6,1-6). Is it HOPELESS? We'll see after the enforced HIATUS due to the HURRICANE. Hey readers, is this too much HUBRIS?

Monday, October 17, 2005

TT... as in "Tom is Toast." Posted by Picasa

No Gain...and a Lot of Pain

Titan just can't help himself when it comes to his tennis. There never seems to be too much, especially on the Southern Senior Tour. There is always that BCK hot tub beckoning TT with "I'll take your aches away" post match. So TT, not wishing to forego an opportunity to match his skills against 'CC Flash' decided to play for the third consecutive day, even after his very poor showing against 'BDB' yesterday. TT endured two more painful loses (4-6, 4-6) to 'Gentleman Jim.' Most painful to this 'MLM' (see prior match report for explanation) was HOW Titan lost today; TT was unable to close out seven games in which he led either forty-love or forty-five. Especially galling was his failure when up 4-3 in set one dropping the next three games to 'Flash' when TT was up by these significant advantages. Titan took no solace in his late second set rally as he closed to 4-5 from 1-4 making Jim serve it out. With his wry wit and his ungentlemanly smirk 'Flash' bid the Titan adieu with,"Perhaps Titan,you should let me throw your racquet for you when you play so poorly."

Sunday, October 16, 2005

'Big Daddy' gets it done against TT Posted by Picasa

A Little Pain, but Some Gain!

TennisTitan welcomed Jeff "Big Daddy" Briscoe back into his tennis world this weekend. 'BDB' had been away from the game for two years during which time he gained one law degree, one wife, two children and at least forty pounds! Nonetheless, 'BDB' had little difficulty handling the "ol' man" in the one set played at BCK (1-6). TT was never able to get his game going, what with the late day start, tricky winds, and the dead legs he brought to the court against his long time tennis foe. To his credit 'BDB' dominated throughout the entire contest featuring a consistent first serve and his patented inside-out striking of the ball that effectively sprayed his returns down the lines that is so offen effective against 'MLM' (man of little movement). TT was both heartened and dismayed that 'Big Daddy' seemed near exhausted entering the seventh and final game. TT feels the extra pain Titan endured playing a second consecutive day (and without pain pills) was more than compensated by seeing Jeff back on the court and getting some sorely needed exercise. Titan promises to be better prepared for their next meeting.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

CC Flash... feeling good about his game. Posted by Picasa

Statistical Terms

Titan, unlike his rain drenched northern mates, had the opportunity to play tennis as usual this Saturday morning. TT and 'CC Flash' hooked up for two competitive sets of singles under the beautiful blue skies and puffy cumulus clouds fluttering over BCK in 78 degree temperatures. TT was nearly blown off the court in the first set, dropping the first two games at love before surviving game three to take the golden bagel off the table. Indeed, Titan, down 1-4 and 2-5 rallied to get it back to 4-5 before succumbing on his own serve in the tenth and deciding game (4-6) to CC. Perhaps it was the rally in the second half of the first set that sustained TT's confidence enabling him to race to an easy (6-1) second set victory. 'CC' generally the heavy favorite in the later sets due to his superior conditioning dismissed his poor performance with his statistical knowledge, "... we play toward the regression toward the mean." "Titan, in other words, things tend to even out the longer you play." Titan's quick retort to 'Gentlemen Jim' as CC Flash threw his racquet over the net in disgust after hitting his umpteenth ball into the net during the last game of the second set was, "Flash, are you sure you didn't mean to say, "Agression toward me(an)!" See you back here on Monday for round three.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

'Flash'... bad day, bad mood! Posted by Picasa

Like the 'McCoys' - "Hang on Sloopy"

That was the refrain of the 1965 one hit wonder reverberating in Titan's head as he began the Southern Senior's Tour. Again TennisTitan was matched against the venerable Jim 'CC Flash' Stephens at the courts in Blue Crab Key. And again, their match was one that could have gone either way. This donnybrook wasn't decided until the last ball was served as 'Flash' mounted another comeback in the thirteenth and decding game. "Gentleman Jim' rallied from 1-6 down in the breaker to get back on his service (4-6) before hitting errantly into the net, drawing a big sigh of relief from the Titan. 'CC' had rallied from 1-3 and 4-5 down in games within the set to take a 6-5 lead going into his final service game. Naturally, Titan broke back forcing the breaker (7-6)(4). 'CC,' just getting back into the swing of things after a five month layoff from singles competition, declined an opportunity for a second set. He assured Titan as he left the fabled BCK complex, "Titan. I'll be back Saturday morning, brush up on the Drifters hit from 196o... "Save the Last Dance For Me!"

Saturday, October 08, 2005

TennisTitan Departs

All that rain we had in New York this weekend prevented TT from one last Saturday of play at Kinsley before heading south.  Titan will be in Southwest Fl through October 29th. He looks forward to the competition always offered by Jim "CC Flash" Stephens and also possibly with TT's son, Jeff "Big Daddy" Briscoe, who is contemplating coming out of a three year retirement.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

'Prez' and 'Big Al'... came up short. Posted by Picasa

Irish and Gimpy Knees got it done today. Posted by Picasa

Well, it's Better than not playing at all!

TennisTitan again wisely split his time at the YTC with 'Gimpy Knees' Joe Cruz. Your Titan got to play with Rich 'Prez' Prezioso for the first set in defeating 'Big Al' Diodati and John "Irish" Gallagher handily (6-2). 'Prez' stills has the 'wheels' to run down most any ball hit his (or TT's) way. Today, he showed the capacity to keep the points going until the unforced error was commited by the opposition. TT kept his errors to a minimum but lacked the capacity to set up and drive the ball effectively. Set 2 had 'Gimpy Knees" (subbing for TT) partner with 'Irish' in a more competitive match against 'Prez'/'Big Al.' 'GK' showed fine form in leading he and 'Irish' to a hard fought (7-5) victory. Titan (subbing for 'Prez') faired even more poorly with 'Big Al' against 'GK'/'Irish' in an abbreviated third set (1-5) when we were ushered off the court by the next group. TT again played with ice packs under his knee wrap and did no further damage to his menisci.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

"Did you say 'inspired play' TT?" Posted by Picasa

"We Enjoyed the Bagel,Titan" Posted by Picasa

Meatloaf sang "Two out of Three Ain't Bad"! Posted by Picasa

I Know, I Know, I Write Better than I Play.

Your TennisTitan was back it today. Forty hours, eight ice packs, and six ibuprophen after his envigorating match at the YTC, TT was ready for some outdoor play. Titan joined stalwarts 'Big Al' DioDati, George 'Chemist' Hauss, and Bob 'Kraut' Kluge for a morning of doubles that was enhanced by the surprise return of 'King Gene' Slattery and Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz to the friendly confines of Kinsley. Four competitive sets were played in addition to the set of singles between the 'Chemist' and 'King Gene' that concluded the days' card. TT/King Gene were surprised by the inspired play of 'Big Al' and 'Gimpy Knees' in the opener (5-7). Neither 'KG' nor 'TT' could match the intensity or ground strokes of their opponents as they dissapated an early 3-1 lead. The boys regained their touch in set three bageling 'Chemist'/'Kraut' who had gilded the rose of 'Big Al'/'GK' (6-2) in the second set. Titan and KG had enough fire power to withstand a late charge made by 'Chemist'/'GK' in the doubles finale (6-4). As a physically drained and hobbling Titan left the field of play 'Chemist' down 1-2 to King Gene in their singles match chortled across the net, "Gene, how the hell do you win when you have an albatross on your back?" "Georgie, that was your only ace today" was the King's winning return.