Saturday, October 30, 2004

"George, TT says 'I got no court sense,' but I am a friend of Bill." Posted by Hello

"Kraut, you gotta carry me this set." Posted by Hello


It was 'hardcore' tennis this morning because of the threatening weather (the rain never materialized). But the weasels stayed in bed instead of welcoming the new Grandpa back to his familiar terrain. Reports have it that 'Slats' was cleaning the bathroom floor tile; 'Big Al' was making a Novena, 'NotEspn' was protecting his pumpkin from the squirrels, George 'the Teacher' was looking at his stopwatch at a track meet, 'King Gene' was scoping a HS football game...yada, yada... but where was Happy Jack? Out working on his game with TT, 'The Kraut' & 'The Chemist.' Hardy souls one and all. And work is what 'HJ" needs! The tandem of TT/Kraut was too much for Chemist/HJ, dropping both sets at 3 & 2, respectively. Kraut took HJ as his partner for the finale which was designated as "The Friends of Bill" set, and 'the reformers' played admirably coming back from a 5-2 deficit before succumbing at 6-4 to TT/Chemist. Leaving the court TT told HJ that "you have no court sense" to which Happy Jack replied, "TT you analyze me better than my psychiatrist, and the price is right with you... "HJ, you get what you pay for... afterall, you are a 'friend of Bill'... next meeting here Tuesday 3:00."

Thursday, October 28, 2004

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Tuned Up?

TennisTitan returned to the familiar confines of Kinsley this date after a near three week absence in Florida and Georgia, checking on his hurricane ravaged condo, and meeting his first grand child, respectively. None of the tennis stalwarts had accepted my challenge via email from Florida last week to take on TT on the 'faded concrete' of Yonkers this date. Ever resourceful TT called Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz at the last minute "to hit a few to my backhand, and let me serve a hopper or two to you" at 3:30. GK can never resist my taunts at improving my/his game, so the date was made... Only to be foiled when Sab, The Koide Kid, appeared at the park also. Before long our Canadian warm-up turned into a full fledged doubles confrontation when "George the Chemist " joined the fray. The Chemist/Koide Kid pairing eked out a 7-5 victory against GK/TT in the only set TT participated in as he gave way in set 2 to "Happy Jack" Carey. TT hadn't played (except with that new-born) during his stint in the south and he anxiously awaits an opportunity for play this Saturday, the weather gods permitting. See you all there.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Doubles Troubles Posted by Hello

$60 Tennis Sweater vs $18.99 Racquet

Lo And Behold! Another great turn-out of hackers at Kinsley this date (10 participants). Many photos have been added to the link on the left marked "Tennis II," unfortunately none with TT brandishing much of 'a winning smile.' TT was paired with 'Slats' for today's merriment and managed to eke out a third set victory against mighty 'King Gene,' and his newly capable partner, 'The Prez' (6-4), after dropping the two previous sets by same (6-4, 6-4) scores. Indeed, Prez was a major factor in all 3 sets he participated in against TT/Slats. Playing a very competent game from the backcourt and letting 'KG' handle the net duties exclusively, Prez raised his game to the level of Saturday competition. 'My Liege' was better than ever at net warding off many balls meant to go deep, to keep the pressure on Prez so that he would make errors on returns. TT attributes today's lack luster results to his own inability to serve effectively(4/8 holds). Even TT bringing his own personal fan didn't help! Slats did his best at net but could not match the consistency of 'cousin Gene' in touch or overhead capability. Prez' hustle was only out-matched by his designer tennis sweater. The duo of 'KG'/Prez had even less difficulty knocking off George 'The Chemist' & 'Gimpy Knees' in an intervening set. The tandem of the 'Chemist'/GK Cruz' were formidable on court 2 taking out 'Spindly Legs' Gessman/'Kraut' Kluge in a well played match, after having served a breakfast bagel to 'Not Espn' Scott and 'Happy Jack' Carey. TT is off to the Senior Tour in Florida for the next 2-3 weekends but has no doubt the courts at Kinsley will get their usual Saturday workout!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

My Liege at his Kingdom Posted by Hello "King"

King Gene threw down the 'gauntlet' to the TennisTitan with his phone call this morning at 10AM. The sedentary Titan stopped purloining mp3's from the internet and donned his 'whites' post haste. If "KG" was foregoing his opportunity to play golf on this glorious autumn day, TT had to accept the offer of a 3 setter on the red clay of the Amackassin Club in Yonkers. Roland Garros it is not, but it is a surface that "KG" is clearly comfortable with, having recently won an open tournament among its members. As to the match itself , "KG" dominated the first and third sets, taking them at 1 & 2. Indeed, "KG" knifed through the first set with such ease that TT was afraid he would take on the new nickname, "Butter Boy!" "KG" exploited TT's limited court coverage with an array of dinks and drop shops while dominating at the net. To his credit, TT did not 'pack it in' in set 2. Tables turned...passes at the net came readily, cross court forehands began to paint the baseline and TT's strategy of hitting straight at "KG," giving him no angles on his returns, paid big dividends as TT punched out "KG" at 6-1! TT loves to quote Boris Becker, and said, "Gene, the third set is always about heart, let's go!" "KG's" retort to TT as he sped north on Palisade Ave. with the window down was, "Hey, TT the 3rd set is about ability and fitness... lay off the butter! See you Saturday."

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

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"He was unstoppable"

TT & Prez were paired in a rematch with last week's competitors at the YTC today. Indeed, "Big Al" & "G-Man" had every reason to feel confident that, at worst, they would come away with a split in sets just as they had on 9/28. Today, however, the script was different. Dropping the opener 7-5 to TT/Prez while losing the last 3 games of the set was just too much of a mental obstacle to overcome this date. I know, I know. Last week they lost the opener (6-3) also, but not after having broken Prez to take a 5-4 lead as they did today. "Big Al" was broken 4 times, and "G-Man" thrice today, each being broken at a critical juncture - in game 10 and 12 - of the first set. The duo got off to a 2-love advantage against TT/Prez in set 2 but TT's reliable service games (4/5 holds) were the difference makers. Prez played effective long rallies from the baseline, tossing in several enviable cross court dinks on the tiring opposition in set 2. He had but 2 service holds in his 6 opportunities but kept his erratic net play to a minimum. This week it's the tandem of "Big Al"/"G-Man" who have their work to do. Will they be able to tire out "The Prez," in those baseline rallies? Today "he was unstoppable," so says Frankie, baby.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

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Well, I am HAPPY JACK, ain't I? Posted by Hello

Thanks to "The Chemist"

TennisTitan George Hauss has graciously instructed TT how to link all photos taken at Kinsley/YTC to a site maintained by TT. Click on Tennis I and/or Tennis II on the left hand column to see the compendium.

I saw hustle... but no commitment

TT and eight of his brethren welcomed in October with several well played sets of doubles. The pairing of "Gimpy Legs" Cruz and "Slats" seemed to have been the most successful this date holding sway successfully on all three sets on the prestigious court 1 concrete. They turned aside forays by "Happy Jack" Carey & George "The Chemist" (6-2), "Big Al" & "TT"(6-4), and won a scintilating victory over "The Chemist" & George "The Teacher" in a tiebreaker(7-6) (7-4) to conclude their day on the court. And not a moment too soon because next in line to challenge for court 1 honors was "TT" and "King Gene" who had split their talents on court 2 in earlier matches. After TT was dispatched by "GL"/"Slats" he paired with "Kraut" Kluge in a 6-4 victory over "King Gene" and "Big AL." The tandem of "HJ"/"TT" were then served a bagel by "The Kraut/King Gene" duo as a prelude to the concluding match of the morning. "TT/King Gene" proved way too difficult for the "Kraut" and the "Chemist" coasting to an easy 6-1 victory. TT wonders, would the outcome have been any different had we the opportunity to play for control of court 1 earlier in the day? I think not. With "Slats"/"GK" I saw hustle but no commitment. Had there been, they would have stayed and got their ass taken care of (like I did yesterday).