Saturday, December 31, 2005

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Auld Lang Syne

Tennistitan and four of his mates got together this morning to "ring out the old year" in the fashion the Titan most enjoys. Three wonderfully competive sets of doubles were played among the five participants at Kinsley in 30 degree temperature with light snow falling throughout most to the match. TT/'Gimpy Knees Cruz split a set with Sab 'Koide Kid' as their partner against Frank 'Slats' Slattery and George 'Teacher' Febles making his return to the outdoor courts after months of absence. 'Slats'/'Teacher' prevailed at (5-7) staging a comeback from a (4-2) deficit. In set two TT/'Slats'-'Teacher' combination defeated 'KK'/'GK' (8-6) amid a flurry (snowing, you get it?) of activity as conditions worsened on the wet asphalt with the water-drenched balls offering little bounce. The final set of the day and of the year saw your TennisTitan end his season as he began it last Jan. 1 dropping a contest (3-6) with 'Teacher' to 'Slats'/Gimpy Knees.' As the group posed for Titan's obligatory pictures the gathering had but one thought in their collective minds, "How blessed we are to have this friendship, to have such a fun outlet to share the blessings of our health, to be "little boys" on Saturday morning as we move into our twilight years.Thank you my friends, you'll not be forgotten."

Thursday, December 29, 2005

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Nureyev? Channukah Musings!

TennisTitan hooked up with 'Tutor' Tuchman for two sets of doubles today against 'EBL' Tully and 'Big Al' Dio Dati at the Yonkers Tennis Center. TT/'Tutor' failed to distinguish themselves dropping both sets at 2 and 3. Titan performed adequately in both sets getting to far more balls than usual because of the earlier play time today and had some pop on his serve. TT enjoyed seeing 'Tutor' raise his game somewhat in set 2 after an off-day performance in the opener. If there ever was a day that the Energizer Bunny man might have been defeated by TT/'Tutor' it was this day. 'EBL' did not have quickness in his first step to the ball and was troubled by back pains. Unfortunately it did not prevent him from handling attempts at overhead volleys like Nureyev, even if it did take some gas off his serve. 'EBL' continued to eat up TT in most long rallies by going backhand to backhand. Oh, where are you when we need you, 'Mr. Spin' Marzullo. 'Big Al' was sharp on his returns and picked 'Tutor's' pocket going down the line on him several times at net. Titan's comment to his crest fallen partner as the duo left the court, "Maxie, when you light that candle on the menorah tonight, say a prayer that no one saw you play that first set." To wit the maven retorted, "Titan, look who's talking, Tully spun you around like a dreidel." Ugh!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Gift Givers - Koide Kid and "Egg Nog" Joe Posted by Picasa

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Mele Kalikimaka

TennisTitan was in the holiday spirit this morning and he both gave and received gifts in the two sets played in ideal conditions at Kinsley Park. With temperatures in the mid-forties under cloudy and windless skies on this second full day of winter, TT joined 'Happy Jack' Carey, Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz, Chris 'Prozac Kid' Tyrone and Sab 'Koide Kid' for some competitive doubles. Titan/'HJ' dropped the opener (4-6) to 'Gimpy Knees' and 'Koide Kid.' Joe was particularly hot with his service and return games at first. However, 'GK' was in the holiday spirit and the rum and egg nog concoction that he was drinking at change-overs eventually did him in. 'KK,' making his first appearance after a 3 month layoff due to a hand injury was his remarkable self. A picture of fitness and economy of movement Sab, this eighty plus Polynesian from Hawaii, plays a smart and efficient game that always compliments his partner's abilities with effective net work and the well placed short ball. Titan met with better success in set two as 'Prosac Kid,' also returning to the courts after one month's absence, was able to better offset Sab's game than 'HJ' and handled 'GKs' power game well. Titan/'Prozac prevailed at (6-4) with Joe double faulting to TT on the final point. My farewll gift from my good tennis buddy! My gift to you my dear readers is my fervent wish for a "Mele Kalikimaka" as the natives of our fiftieth state would say.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Sartorial Splendor

TennisTitan paired with Rich 'Presidente' Prezioso for two sets against John 'Irish 'Galllagher and Max 'Tutotr Tuchman this date at the Yonkers Tennis Center. TT/'Prez' came away with a sweep of both sets (6-2, 6-4). Titan was far from his best but had sufficient fire power to overwhelm 'Irish' and 'Tutor' when needed in a well played contest. 'Prez' hustle and Titan's return game and lobs over the net man gave little chance for an upset by the elder pair. The most entertaining points were those fashioned by the rallies between 'Prez' going forehand against 'Irish' backhand, with neither man being exactly sure of hitting the ball on the sweet spot consistently to win the point outright. It is a game of errors, however. 'Irish' sported his usual unconventional tennis garb; a long sleeve flannel shirt and black dress socks to challenge his opponents' concentration. In an abbreviated third set Titan/'Irish' were down 1-4 on the verge of winning the sixth game when play was mecifully ended by the sartorial police.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Devastating Loss(es)

TennisTitan hooked up with 'CC' Flash this date to conclude his two week stint on the Southern Seniors Tour. Normally when Titan returns to Yonkers he eagerly looks forward to his best friend's comfort and understanding, to keep his life in balance upon arrival home. Not to be this trip. Titan was totally out classed again by the 'Collossus of the Court' and now has to take a hard look at his future in all venues. 'Gentleman Jim' damed neared bageled TT in the opener (1-6) running off to an easy five-love lead before dropping a game to the 'Man of Limited Movement.' 'CC' gets to everything Titan has to offer and has learned to limit mistakes as other's have in recent days. Titan dropped the second set (1-6) to the Collossus and never threatened the superior athlete. TT was pushed around the court from start to finish at Blue Crab Key and was treated to even worse news at home. Titan returns to the northern climes this evening a defeated man searching for answers on and off the court. Game, set, match

Friday, December 09, 2005

Nailed...Make that Hammered

TennisTitan has nothing to hide behind after today's debacle. He was out hit, out played, and out hustled plain and simple by 'CC Flash' in this morning's two set affair. Titan started out reasonably well enough holding serve his first two opportunities but could do nothing against the superior conditioned athlete who also refused to be broken. TT dropped serve in the fifth game and never recovered losing the opening set to 'Gentleman Jim' (4-6). Truth to tell this set was not that close as 'CC' held easily throughout and Titan struggled mightily in each game. By the second set your Titan had no gas in the tank and was fortunate to win the two games that he did in the (2-6) rout. 'Flash' was dominant getting twelve consecutive first serves in with pace at one time and demonstrating prowess in all aspects of his game. There was no breaking down his backhand today and TT was woefully inept with his placement and lack of pop on his serve and return game. TT will be giving it another go next week as he wraps up his Southern Tour but is considering renaming 'CC' (Cape Coral) Colossus of the Court!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just Desserts

TennisTitan engaged in a two setter against 'CC Flash' this date and returned to form. Titan was unable to generate any offense against his superior conditioned opponent and fell meekly to 'Gentlemem Jim' (3-6, 3-6). Indeed 'Flash' was never threatened by a Titan who was the 'MLM' (man of limited movement) for this engagement. 'Flash,' also performing on his third consecutive day of tennis appeared as fresh at the end of this ninety minute match as when he walked on the court. Titan was unable to do much after establishing a 3-1 lead in the opening set. Indeed, in dropping the fourth game to TT 'Flash' flung his racquet over the fence in disgust but was able to marshall his forces atypically this date to run the table and win the next five games. TT won the opening (and best) game of the second set breaking 'CC' after seven deuces but seemingly exhausted all his reserves in so doing. 'Flash quickly broke back, and broke the Titan again in games four and six to win going away. Titan credits 'Flash' for his restrained play in the adverse (20 mph winds) conditions. 'Flash' bid TT ta-ta with his wry smile saying, "So much for Christmas gifts, Blowhard!"

A Family Affair

TennisTitan took his game to Charlotte County this date to play Jeff 'Big Daddy' Briscoe. 'Big Daddy' had taken his daddy's measure in October quite easily (1-6) after a two year layoff from competition. Titan fared similarly today dropping the only set played to completion (3-6) in what was a windswept affair. Both contestants faired poorly on their serves until 'Big Daddy held at 3-4 to win the final three games of the set. TT finally held his serve on his first two opportunities of the truncated second set to establish an early 4-1 lead only to see it dissapated in the final two games played at Franz Kraus Park. The set will be picked up with 'Big Daddy' serving at 4-3 prior to TennisTitan completing his Southern Seniors Tour next week. Titan, coming off a strenuous two setter against 'CC Flash," was relatively satisfied with his level of play but recognizes that it will have to be even better to defeat 'Big Daddy's' game. He's a TALL order at 6'-5" and a HEAVY hitter at 265lbs!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Like Dominoes...

TennisTitan delivered late on this date. Your Titan hooked up in a two set barn burner against 'CC Flash' and somehow managed to eke out a sweep (7-6 (1) - 7-6 (2)) of the match neither man seemed to want. Winds played havoc with 'Gentleman Jim's' game and TT failed to capitalize on repeated opportunities presented to him by 'Flash' early on in both sets. In the first set Titan blew a 5-2 lead only to hold serve in the 12th game to force the breaker. Similarly in game 12 of the second set Titan reversed his failing fortunes and broke 'CC' to force the deciding thirteenth game. The second set featured a bevy of uncharacteristic double faults from 'CC' that again triggered his volatile temper displays. Indeed, 'Gentleman Jim' was unable to regroup for the tie breakers in either set and played his worst in both concluding games falling meekly to the weary and astonished 'Bloated Behemoth'. As 'Flash' departed BCK Titan was heard by Gene Menuez to say, "Jim, thanks for the early Christmas gifts, now if only my neighbor would teach me how to fish for reds."

Friday, December 02, 2005

Well, if I don't TOOT it...

who will? Certainly not 'CC Flash' who met the Titan on the BCK courts for the first time on this Southern Tour. Indeed, 'Flash' was most inhospitable as he blew TT out in the first set (2-6), running off a quick four-love lead before Titan could get on the board. Titan struggled mightily to win games five and seven to build momentum going into the second set. Having not come near breaking 'Gentleman Jim' in the opener TT was most relieved to eke out a break after six deuces in game two to open up a 2-love lead. 'CC' erased that in short order getting back on serve in game three and countering each of Titan's 'holds' with his own. The pivotal ninth game was 'Flash'es downfall as he pittered away two ad-out advantages on TT's serve to shank three consecutive balls allowing Titan to hold one last time. 'Gentleman Jim' proceeded to lose his serve at love giving Titan the set (6-4) and cause the ATP to question his sobriquet. Jim broke his own BCK record of 63' by tossing his racquet off the far back fence on the fly. "Nice serve, Jim" was Titan's reply, "you're helping me get ready to deal with my grandchildren later this afternoon."

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Next Match

TennisTitan was disappointed that his anticipated match against 'CC Flash" could not be played this date. 'Flash' was unavailable due to a prior commitment to "the Cable Guy!" Temperatures are in the 50's in the morning and climb to 70 degrees in the afternoon with winds of a stready 10-15mph.

Look for this first match to be played on December 2nd against 'Flash' with another match against 'Big Daddy' Jeff Briscoe later that day or on Saturday morning. Hot Tub here I come! But will my "A" game show up?