Monday, November 29, 2004

A Vocal "Adieu"

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Friday, November 26, 2004

The Slattery name defended. Posted by Hello

The 'King' on his court. Posted by Hello

It must have been in the GENES

How else can TT explain 'Slats' long awaited doubles win today? 'Slats' had lost eight straight sets (4 with TT, 4 against TT) in the past 8 days before 'cousin Gene' got him off the schneid. The poor man was like a bug splattered (Slatteryed?!?)on a windshield after dropping today's opener with TT against 'Kraut' Kluge and 'King Gene' Slattery 7-6 (2). Sadly this outcome was all too reminiscent of 'Slats' defeats to the 'Kraut' and the 'Chemist' (see blog of 11/20) in that a comfortable 4-2 lead was again squandered. TT/KG did some sqaundering of their own in set 2, also letting a 4-2 lead get away before rallying in game 12 to force another tie breaker. 'Slats' came a little closer in that breaker managing 4 points in the tie before extending his winless streak to 8 sets. Not to worry, TT had orchestrated the order of the day's play so that 'Slats' would be rotated through to play with cousin 'KG' for the finale. TT had shot his load for the day in the previous sets and by now the 'Kraut' was as cold as his countrymen storming Russia in the winter of '41. 'KG's' broad shoulders were more than ample to carry the beleaguered junior Slattery to net for the unfamiliar winner's handshake (6-2). Slat's was heard to chortle, "At least I can face my girls tonight." to which cousin Gene remarked, "Face the girls??, cousin, I won 3 sets today, I'm going home through the front door...maybe you should back in."

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Turkey Trio Posted by Hello

Turkey Time

TT/'Irish' John Gallagher dropped an 80 minute set to 'Prez'/'Big Al' today at the YTC (11-9). TT was 4/5 with service holds in the elongated match but could not overcome 'Irishes' limited mobility and erratic net play in the twentieth and final game. 'Prez' & 'Big Al' played just well enough to hang in the match breaking 'Irish' at 4-5 and 6-7, denying TT the much sought after win. To his credit 'Irish' came back from love-40 when serving at 8-9 to continue the match for another three games before his luck ran out. This commentary lacks TT's signature wit because these participants do not take the trouble to check the website. Their loss!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

"TT, YOU"VE Been Swept!" Posted by Hello

"I should be unloading groceries now." Posted by Hello

Another 'sweep' by the 'Chemist' Posted by Hello

It's About Marriage, Not Tennis, Stupid!

It DID rain on my parade today. TT/'Slats' was the pairing against 'Kraut' Kluge and George 'Chemist' Hauss in the three sets played in tough conditions. The court was very wet and puddled when play started, and sets 2 & 3 were played in a steady drizzle. At the end of the 2 hour 15 minute match a few of TT's tears were rippling in the puddles also. The German Luftwaffe clearly out classed TT/'Slats,' sweeping the contest (7-5, 6-3, 7-5). Particularly depressing (or impressive as the case may be) was the manner in which it was done. Luftwaffe won 10 games in a row fighting back from 1-5 down in the first set to cruise to a second set victory of 6-3. 'Slats' comment of, "TT, we got off to a good start" was answered by the 'Kraut's "So did my marriage, but look where it got me now," as he boomed in his first serve all-too-often in the stellar comeback. 'Chemist,' again strong at the net, was ever so effective deadening the water-soaked balls as he deftly deposited them before the water sogged shoes of TT. To make matters worse, that ingrate had the audacity to do it with one of TT's racquets in the 3rd set! 'Chemist' has been on a roll these last 2 days, sweeping on both Friday and Saturday (so has 'Slats' incidently, but that's for another blog). TT's analysis was "the wet conditions, heavy ball, playing three days in a row were too much for me to overcome," was put in perspective by the 'Chemist' as he retorted leaving the field of play, "TT, with your ability to come up with excuses so readily, you should get married again. It worked for me!" To wit 'Slats' chortled, "Hold on TT, unless you want to help me with the groceries."

Friday, November 19, 2004

Hunting season... or road kill?

Upon arriving home from yesterday's exhausting match I was already resting on my laurels when I listened to the answering machine. It was 'Slats' wondering if I were up for some tennis Friday afternoon, given the threatening forecast for Saturday morning. Are you kidding? I was ready for Sampras the way I was feeling. I rounded up George the 'Chemist' by phone and 'Slats' contacted Big Al'. A rematch of the epic battle of November 6th was now in my forecast (or so I thought). Are you wondering why no pictures accompany this post? 'Slats' and 'Big Al' exited Kinsley so fast after having been served their bagel in set 3 that there was no time for TT to reach into his bag for the camera. They got out of the park almost as quickly as set 3 was played. It had been bad enough during the 45 minutes it took to play sets 1 & 2 which they also dropped handily at 2 and 2, but this bagel was toasted in 17 minutes. It was an afternoon when they could do nothing right and TT/Chemist could do nothing wrong. TT and the Chemist were heard discussing the upcoming hunting season as they left the yard. It went something like this, "George, you know poaching is illegal this time of the year." "I know, the Chemist opined, "but TT, at least I don't shoot ducks in a barrel." Damn, I sure hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Quite an experience... like a wedding night, Tutor Posted by Hello

Mr. Spin is worn out... how about a drink. Posted by Hello

Who the hell is Dinah Washington?

What a difference a day makes! And for that matter, a set makes. Words of (song by) Dinah Washington, vintage 1958 chart topper. But it's descriptive of TT's play today at the YTC as well. TT & 'Tutor' Tuchman had the hinges blown off the door in set 1 as they dropped the opener 2 -6 to 'Mr. Spin' Marzullo and 'Big Al' DioDati. These Italian Stallions got out of the gate so quickly that the baker had already sliced 'the bagel' before these redoubtable opponents broke through at love - four to appear somewhat competitive. 'Big Al' was extremely effective at net and 'Mr. Spin' had that look on his face of, "TT, you're no EBL in the backcourt," as he lobbed his sorry ass off. Ah, but what of set 2 you might ask...a different story. Down 1-3, TT/Tutor began to perform more to expectations. TT's serve gained the offense immediately (3/5 service holds) as his first serve boomed in, and 'Tutor' began to regularly make important points at net to counteract 'Big Al's dominance. TT gained control of the alley with power strokes down the line and 'Tutor' gave Mr. Spin a case of lobitis gravus (Roy's own medicine). Set 2 see-sawed back and forth as TT/Tutor were unable to close it out at 5-3, but the duo had the goods in the 13th and final game to win the set 7-6. Tutor's comment to TT as they left the court for their victory lap, "TT, playing with you is quite an experience, thank God you let your racquet do most of the talking today." Nuff said!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

'Irish' deserves the credit today. Posted by Hello

"No reason to smile broadly" Posted by Hello

Better Luck Next Time...Maybe?

TT was again paired with 'Irish' John Gallagher this date against 'Big Al' and Rich 'Prez' Prezioso. 'Prez' was just back from a Carribean cruise and the hope was that he had left his hustling legs at the buffet table. No such luck. TT's play today was as poor as he can remember and he contributed little in the the contest. TT/'Irish' managed a split in the 2 sets that were played to completion (3-6, 6-4, 2-0). Of particular annoyance to TT was his inability to win any of his five service games, nor was he able to gain control of the alley with his power shots down the line. 'Prez/Big Al' played well in the opening set but their level dropped just enough in set 2 to enable their opponents to eke out a victory in the second set despite TT's erratic play. 'Irish' deserved much credit for the success attained as he was able to serve effectively using slices exclusively, and keep his back hand lobs in play for the most part. 'Big Al' was effective at net putting away several of TT's returns for winners.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

"I should pay for this?... Are you kidding?!" Posted by Hello

"Irish Eyes Are Smiling... think of us as the RAF today." Posted by Hello

Blitzkrieged! Posted by Hello


TT joined forces with Bill "Energizer Bunny Legs" Tully in a 2 set match against Roy "Mr. Spin" Marzullo and Tom "Gray Beard" Campo this date at the YTC. 'Gray Beard' was able to offer more support to "Mr. Spin" than TT had last week against 'EBL' & Tutor Tuchman. Indeed, set 1 today was super competitive with EBL/TT prevailing at 8-6. In set 1 'EBL" was masterful with his all court game and exceptional court coverage and TT was able to 'deliver the goods' with explosive serves to win game 13 at love. The duo went on to break 'Gray Beard' in game 14 to win the 65 minute epic battle. 'Gray Beard' was notably rusty at net (his forte) during the first half of the contest, going wide with all too many sure put-aways but GB, nonetheless, demonstrated great skill going cross court with EBL from the back court, winning many a long point. TT was a bystander during many of these fiercely fought rallies but he was able to contribute substantially by going backdoor on 'Gray Breard' off 'Mr. Spin's' serve, and by preventing 'the Campo Poach' against EBL by controling the alley with some precision. The score sheet indicated that TT, after dropping his opening service game, held serve for the balance of the afternoon (5/6); EBL dropped his serve in set 2, game 1 but was otherwise perfect (4/5). TT/EBL went on to cruise to a 6-1 victory in set 2 in front of a flabbergasted 'Tutor' Tuchman who was in awe of TT's net prowess in the finale. TT was heard to chide Tutor on their departure, "Max, if I knew you were going to show up this set, I would have told you to bring some lox; I could have put a bagel on the menu!"

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Italian Battalion was in action. Posted by Hello

"A 'phony' smile if I ever saw one," said G-Man. Posted by Hello

The "Red Sox" didn't win this one!

TT & 'Irish' Gallagher were paired again today, just as last week, against the venerable Italian duo of 'Big Al' DioDati and Frank 'G-Man' Gentile with notably different results. TT/Irish dropped both sets that were played to completion (2 and 1) and were not competitive. TT's serve was ineffective for the first hour of play, failing to hold until his fourth service opportunity. Irish's game dropped dramatically from last week. Irish sported 'red socks' which didn't even serve as a distraction to the opponents; indeed, they may have acted as a magnet as Big Al/G-Man played as many balls as possible in Irish's direction. Regretably, he was not up to the challenge. Kudos to the "Italian Duo" who made a conscious effort to adjust to the circumstances. Of small solace to the TT/Irish team was the 3-2 lead they held in set 3 when play was called. TT's was heartened by his lack of back pain today and that his serve had responded in the second half of the match as he held his last 3 service games and dealt a few aces in the process.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

We know alot about 'last call''s when we're best! Posted by Hello

I'm going home to wash windows now Posted by Hello

This beats raking leaves Posted by Hello

Uninspired Tennis for the most part

TT joined 5 of his mates on this autumn Saturday for a round-robin of doubles. 'Big Al'/'Slats' triumphed over Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz and partner 'Happy Jack' Carey in set 1 (6-2) but were unseated on court 1 in set 2 as they succumbed to the more consistent play of 'The Chemist & TT (6-4). The winning duo continued their dominance in the next set offering a bagel (6-0) to 'GK/HJ. However, Gimpy Knees & Happy Jack played inspired tennis in the day's finale to win set 4 (6-4) over the weary TT and error prone 'Chemist.' TT's game continues to be impacted by his aching back as demonstrated by his ineffective service games (3/7 holds). Indeed, all players looked to be playing below their usual ability. The quality of play today seemed to wane as the morning ebbed and the wind increased.... But it sure beats the hell out of raking leaves around the house! (or washing windows, right Slats?)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

"We Kerry-ed the day TT and Mr. Spin." Posted by Hello

"We were BUSH-wacked." Posted by Hello

BUSH-wacked in Yonkers

TT participated in one of his favorite foursomes today at the YTC. TT and Roy 'Mr.Spin' Marzullo were paired against Bill "Energizer Bunny Legs" Tully and his cohort Max "Tutor' Tuchman. Although the results suggest a lopsided match (6-2, 6-1, 3-2) for EBL/Tutor, the play on both sides of the net was exceptional. Shining brightly this rainy afternoon was the effective net play of 'Tutor' who was the difference maker on many a long point. The man used 'all his racquet throughout the contest' and "if there was a house to build today," TT said "Max, you'd be 'the framer,' EBL would be the architect." Mr. Spin was less effective today with his deep lobs and cross court backspin dinks, but TT's inability to generate power on his serve due to back problems was surely a determinant factor. "Crying towel please." EBL overcame similar back difficulties but his greater all court game more than compensated for his reduced number of 'digs' and put-away overheads at the net. Accompanying this narrative are post-match photos of the doubles teams. TT is seen wailing on the shoulder of Mr.Spin as he laments aloud for all to hear, "Roy, maybe my tears will finally get this undershirt clean." Tutor and EBL are heard to say as they held their racquets aloft, "TT, we Kerry-ed the day against you and Mr. Spin." See you next week.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"We had the 'luck of the Irish' going." Posted by Hello

"We'll get you next week, TT" Posted by Hello

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

TT returned to the indoor courts of the YTC with a vengence after a three week absence. He and partner John "Irish" Gallagher paired up against "Big Al" & Frank "G-Man" Gentile in 2 and one-half sets of intense action. TT/Irish came away all smiles after their days' work, winning (6-3, 6-4) and leading in the partial set (3-2) before play was called. TT had it all working for him this afternoon, comfortably holding serve (5/6) and dealing 3 aces among an assortment of service winners. 'Irish' was effective with deep lobs to the defenders' back hands and slice forehands, sometimes hit in error off his frame, but getting the job done, nonetheless. Certainly it was the 'luck of (the) Irish' that sealed the fate of the two Italians on the other side of the cord. 'G-Man dumped too many easy returns into the net and 'Big Al' converted too few poaches to be a factor. The question is "will TT/Irish be up to the task in next week's re-match?"