Saturday, March 31, 2007

"TT, You play Fantasy Tennis."

Hawaiian Luau

Your TennisTitan was faced with the difficult choice of scrubbing his morning tennis (immediate pleasure) completely at Kinsley this crisp early Spring day or playing an abbreviated schedule so that he could attend his Fantasy League Baseball Draft (6 months of pleasure) later in the day. A no brainer. TT arrived early at Kinsley to play two sets and skidaddle. Who knew that Titan would be the quicker player as he was paired with Sab 'Koide Kid' in the only set (2-6) TT participated in. The 'Kid,' an 83 year old physical phenomenon, plays a 'touch' game and is a medical marvel with his conditioing . He is an Hawaiian-born physician who lived through Pearl Harbor who has a nasty array of spin shots. George 'Chemist' Hauss and 'Big Al' Dio Dati have too much power for the octogenarian. Thus, TennisTitan never had a chance to compete again on the challenge court and he wistfully watched 'Chemist'/'Big Al' defend against 'Rockin Rick' Ricci and 'Luger Lou' making a rare Saturday morning appearance. As 'Koide Kid' embraced Titan, having decided to leave after one set, 'KK' opined, "I didn't see the Japanese coming that day either Titan; and by the way, playing with you takes more out of me than when I run the NYC marathon in November." This was no less hurtful than the 'Chemist's stinging remark as Titan retreated to his car a defeated man, "Titan, you played Fantasy Tennis this morning too."

Thursday, March 29, 2007

"I don't care if EBL's late."

"This face...dour?!"


"Welcome Back Titan"

This was the chant of the adoring juvenile players on the adjacent courts that greeted your 'bloated behemoth' as he walked on to the YTC indoor courts for the first time in over two months. Then TT came out of his daze and realized that it was the dour Max 'Tutor' Tuchman and the tonsorially challenged Roy 'Mr Spin' Marzullo who were saying "why'dja come back Titan." Nonetheless, your 'bombastic blowhard' put his mark on today's efforts. TT joined with Bill 'Energizer Bunny Legs' Tully in turning back 'Tutor'/'Mr Spin' at 2 and 1 in just over 50 minutes of action. Titan had pace on his returns and plenty of pop on his serve to make his folly floater effective today. But it wasn't long before reality set in again. TT/'Tutor' gave it a go against the omnipresent 'EBL' and the bedraggled Mr Spin. It wasn't pretty as Mr Dour and Mr Power were bagled (0-6) and then some (0-3) before the clock mercifully ran out. As the boys met at net, 'Mr Spin' opined, "Titan, you'll win a game against us, the day after I get my next haircut." 'EBL' chipped in "Just think Titan, had I not arrived 5 minutes late this afternoon, you would have had a double-bagel - and saved on dinner." "Oy veh" exclaimed Max, "who can smile for pictures now."

Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Bickering Brothers"

TT says "He's My Hero"

Rockin' Rick -"on the mark today"

Mamby-Pamby Tennis

Your TennisTitan joined 6 of his mates for the opening of the outdoor season at Kinsley this morning. The first two hours of play was that mamby-pamby variety of tennis favored by a few (Messers. Slattery, Dio Dati et al.) wherein full sets are not played (first team to win 4 games retains the court) in deference to those not playing doubles. This must be a concession to old age and declining conditioning. It is definitely not The Titan Way. Hence, Titan sat out with the 'Chemist' and watched Joe 'GimpyKnees' Cruz and 'Big Al' Dio Dati battle 'Rockin' Rick Ricci and 'Slats.' TT participated in two of these non-bloggable exercises and likens it to a day on the water without catching fish. Thankfully,'Happy Jack' Carey acceded to team with George 'Chemist' Hauss for the final set of the morning. Your Titan paired with 'Rockin' Rick in a highly entertaining match (6-3) that saw the participants play the best tennis of the morning. As the foursome met at net Titan noted "Rockin' - you didn't drop a set this morning, not even with me as your partner. 'Chemist' quipped, "Titan, 'RRR' just lost to me and 'Big Al' with 'Happy Jack' as his partner" the previous minnie set. Jack chortled, "George, why don't you just get lost."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back in Yonkers

TennisTitan returns to New York today. TT is available for match play on Wed. and Thurs. (3/14 and 3/15). Titan will be out of town this weekend seeking the perfect piece of corned beef in central Pennsylvania. Naturally, racquets will be in the car should he find an unwitting Amish player. TT returns to full time availablity in NY on Monday 3/19. Let's serve 'em up soon!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Nah, Nah, TT is a 3 Time Loser"

"Pittsburgh Panther"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Flying Dutchman"

The Mouth is Not Enough!

Your TennisTitan managed to get another morning of tennis in at Blue Crab Key before departing Pine Island. TT joined a doubles mix consisting of Darryl 'Wolverine' Tison, fellow Michigander John 'Flying Dutchman' Schuitmia and Ed ' Pittsburgh Panther' Rubash. Titan and the 'Flying Dutchman' paired in sets 1 and 2 and came up empty. TT had some pop on his serve (5 aces for the day) and decent baseline returns to make set one very competitive (4-6). TT did not have enough 'juice' or mobility to poach at net to overcome the 'bricks' being laid by the Dutchman. 'Wolverine' and the 'Pitt Panther' continued to pound away at 'FD' in set two which saw a despirited Titan take minimal solace in spoiling the bagel late in the set (1-6). 'PP' joined Titan for the final match of the morning and proceeded to drop his serve for first and second times of the morning as TT/'PP' fell behind 1-4. The sure hands at net and quick first step to the ball that 'PP' had displayed earlier in the morning began to fail him. The 'Dutchman' came on strong playing his best tennis of the morning late to take the set (4-6) with fine support from the 'Wolverine' to send time Titan home a three time loser. As the foursome met at net to bid good bye to a leg weary Titan, Wolverine chortled "Ah, Titan, I seem to remember a three set sweep the last time I played you." Pitt Panther quipped, "Yeah, Titan that big mouth of yours did bring out the best elements in my game early on now that I think of it." 'Flying Dutchman' just nodded with a wry smile.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Virtuous Trio

A Religious Experience

"Titan, it's clear from your running commentary you weren't a 4.0 in college either. No reason to expect anything different on the tennis courts." That was the stinging rebuke given at net by "Slow Eddie, 'Don't call me CHARITY Ed again Lubejko' as he exited BCK in a huff. It seems TT was nettled by the big guy's inability to put away a volley at any meaningful time in this morning's play against Gary 'I HOPE I hit it' and FAITH, the second of Slow Eddie's friends that were imported to get TennisTitan a doubles game down at Pine Island. Titan opened this morning's match with Faith, 'Babushka Lady,' and these two pummeled the two men from Wisconsin into quick submission (6-1). 'BL's serve was consistently deep in the box with pace and her two handed cross court back hand was a beauty. Faith, a true 4.0 player, also brought a well rounded game that included fine net play to compliment her back court coverage. Titan had pop on his serve, placement on his deep returns and dominated the men's field. The 'boisterous behmoth' offered up 7 aces in the four sets played and played Faith to a standstill on most of the points authored between these two. But when Titan paired with 'HOPE I hit it' Gary (3-6) or CHARITY Ed (3-6, 3-6) FAITH was too savy or too strong against the Badger Men. As the three men gathered their belongings with Faith having already exited BCK Gary opined "I HOPE I don't meet her on the golf course tomorrow." To wit 'Slow Eddie' quipped "CHARITY demands I say something nice about TennisTitan, I just can't think of anything rightnow."

Saturday, March 03, 2007

"PopPa, I'm Ready for You NOW"

Different State, Same Result

"Pop - Don't be a Weasel"

TennisTitan opened his abbreviated Southern Senior Tour this date against a senior-in-training, 'Big Daddy' Jeff Briscoe. Although Titan acquitted himself reasonably well in the opening set against a man half his age, TT could not compensate for the difference in agility and foot speed as the senior Briscoe dropped the first set (4-6). Titan further withered in set two and was a less formidible adversary as his grandchildren arrived and watched the total dismantling (1-6) of the 'bombastic blowhard' before an enthusiastic group of mothers and toddlers hooting from the adjacent swing set at the A. J. Goll Park facility in Northport Florida. 'Big Daddy' helped Titan keep his game in perspective as the two met at net when he reminded the ol' man, "Dad, I am used to dealing with TODDLERS on and off the court." Ouch! "Let me get to my fellow seniors on Pine Island with some pride left!!