Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting It Done

'Prez, I am always sincere, even if I don't mean it" chided the 'bloated behemoth' to a crestfallen Rich 'Prezidente' Prezioso at the end of their two set donnybrook at Law Memorial park in Briarcliff Manor NY. 'Prez' had built his hopes up that, off last week's trouncing of the TennisTitan on these same courts, that it would be the 'penurious penny pincher' who would have to reach for his American Express card to pay for this afternoon's post match lunch at Squires. "You son-of-obama, you set me up. Just like Obama did to the American taxpayer. Last week you didn't run for anything; today you chase down every ball in our extended rallies." Indeed, TT's motivation was higher than his energy level. The 'chirping cheapskate' never wants to go into his back pocket. Titan eked out a (7-6 [6]) first set victory denying 'Prez' three (3) set points in the process. TT was serving to level the match each of his service games after his 3-1 lead became a 3-4 deficit. The 'boisterous blowhard' came up with the goods time and time again at crunch time. "Prez,' you out played me in the first set" is what elicited the raucous cry from the retired, now svelte, health teacher. "And what about the second set?"and incredulous, apoplectic, enervated educator moaned over his shrimp salad at Squires. Titan paused to reflect as he engorged himself over with his reuben while savoring a Bud Light. "Beating you (6-2) in that second set was akin to what's in store in the midterm elections for that leftist, reactionary who sits in the Oval Office. I beguiled you on the court with my spin, just like he did with his rhetoric to the electorate."

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