Monday, September 28, 2009

Pinata Time

"I guess I just like to get blogged. It can't be the competition" joked 'Santa Ana' as the rain began to fall. Stuart Gourd surprised the TennisTitan with a call this morning to reprise their duel in the sun. The outcome was another two set rout (1-6, 3-6) of the 'inveterate idiot' at Northwest Park under mostly cloudy skies in humid conditions. The 'pedantic prevaricator' acquitted himself reasonably well getting the majority of games to deuce or better but was worn down by the relentless hustle of his 'athletic adversary.' TT may have gained more than he lost with his 90 minute double defeat had not the skies opened up. The 'engaging egotist' had cajoled two fellow sixty somethings playing singles on an adjacent court to engage in a set of doubles against the 'bombastic blowhard' and the 'hyperactive hippy-attorney' that was washed out in the first game by the sudden shower. The departing Cliff and Eddie told the 'whoring tennis-hooter' "we generally play at Northwest every morning... drop by if you'd like." The "pumpkin plunderer" smiled wryly at the two older gentlemen and said, "you don't know what you're letting yourselves in for." "Titan, adios until your next visit."

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