Tuesday, May 31, 2005

'Slats' with 'Big Al' eked out the nightcap Posted by Hello

Honorable Sab, Dishonorable TT Posted by Hello

Bonsai Business

The Titan had to erase that bitter residue left from the beating administered by 'Der Kluger' as soon as possible. So he decided to engage in Tuesday Doubles at Kinsley park. TT paired with Sab 'Kiode Kid'' for two sets against 'Big Al' and 'Slats.' The tandem of KK/TT acquitted themselves quite well taking the first set (6-3) before dropping the nightcap (5-7). Titan, feeling the physical after effects of his strenuous singles match yesterday, did little to distinguish himself. Indeed, TT dropped serve on 3 of his 5 opportunities and rarely proved his "this is why I play the ad side" refrain. Sab's spins and counterspins befuddled 'Slats' early on before the team of 'BigAl/Slats' gained control late in set 2. Both Titan and his octogenarian partner tired noticeably at crunch time in the 11th and 12th game in set 2 and settled for a split. All in all it was an even, if sloppily played match by the quartet. Several rallies extended 14-16 balls between the combatants with both sides winning a fair share. As they left the court Titan was overheard to say, "Most honorable Sab, you saved my dishonorable ass many times, Aligato."

Monday, May 30, 2005

"My Racquet Did My Talking, TT" Posted by Hello

"Pissing and Moaning" Posted by Hello

I called him but...

The Kraut had "my number" again today. Another bitter pill administered by the ever improving Deutchlander as Bob Kluge swept two sets from the Titan, at 3 and 4. As has been his recent custom Der Kluger came out firing and established his game in the first four games against TT, breaking Titan 3 times to go up 5-1 before TT got his legs and fought back to make it barely respectable. TT was unable to win the critical 8th game of set two as Kraut erased a 0-40 disadvantage to square the match at 4. Titan was still pissing and moaning Kraut's call at deuce that denied TT the ace he thought he had when mothers, tending their kiddies on the toddler swings that ring McLean Av. chided the bloated behemoth with taunts of "Tone it down blowhard, you're crying louder than my Seymour." TennisTitan, taken aback, fell meekly in the final 2 games as Bob Kluge led the deriding females in a round of "Nah, nah, na, na, nan nah, Titan choked." And, damn, I have to agree with them.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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TennisTitan and 'Kraut' met this date for another two-set affair of singles play. TT was no match for a revivified Kraut who cruised to victories at 2 and 1. Indeed, Titan had to hold serve in the sixth game of the first set to avoid a late afternoon bagel. Kraut ran off the first five games and dominated play from the first toss. Titan staved off 4 set points in game 6 and 2 more in game seven only to prolong the agony for a few more minutes. Kraut then broke TT at love to close out the set. The German's mastery of the bewildered blowhard worsened in set two as Kraut raced to a four-love lead before Titan could get on the board for his only game. 'Kraut' offered Titan some hope for the future by adding as they left McLean Av. Park,"Tommy, me-boy, it was my day today." TT retorted, "Herr Kluge, I only wish it was your night last night... me thinks I will need the help of your frauline to drain you of your energy if we are to play in the afternoon." "Ja gut," chortled the Deutchlander.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

"Shirt today, Pants last night" Posted by Hello

"S" is on TT's hat for a reason Posted by Hello

No LOVE Game Today

TennisTitan and Bob 'Kraut' Kluge renewed their long standing singles competition this beautiful Spring morning at McLean Av. Park in South Yonkers. Adjacent to the express bus stop into Manhattan and the local bus stop into downtown Yonkers, these combatants thrilled both the commuters and the geriatrics reflecting on their next move on the checkerboard table to a two set affair. Titan eked out a first set victory (6-4) after relinquishing a 3-1 lead to 'Kraut' by playing near error-free tennis in the final three games. Kraut, shaking off months of rust to his tennis game, was unable to capitalize on his superior conditioning against TT largely due to a night of romantic bliss that immediately preceeded their encounter. His ploy of removing his shirt prior to the second set did not have the same effect on the Titan that it had last night, as 'Kraut' succumbed (6-3) to the determined TT. This interesting dialogue was captured by Cablevision's Jennine Rose as the two agreed to meet in singles again this week, "Tommy-boy, I guess I didn't have enough for you today, but at least I didn't hear that complaint last night!" "Kraut," Titan opined, "You may have not passed my 'test' this morning, the important thing is, you passed the testosterone last night! And I bet it was doubles!!" To wit, LeRoy, the park's local wino countered, "Nice pecs white boy, I like to play too."

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blues Brothers, 'Slats' and 'Big Al' salvaged 3rd set Posted by Hello

TT and Koide Kid savor 2nd set victory Posted by Hello

Revising Social Security

TennisTitan joined 'Big Al" DioDati, Frank 'Slats" Slattery, and Sab the 'Koide Kid' for three sets of doubles this beautiful May afternoon. TT and 'Slats' teamed to serve a quick bagel (6-0) to their elders in the opener. In sets 2 and 3 Titan paired with 'Koide Kid' to split the balance of this afternoon's play (6-2,2-6). Titan could not shake off the aches and pains from Saturday's play but had enough game to coast to an easy second set win. In the finale Sab's game fell considerably. 'Big Al' shook off the rust of a week's inactivity and took the measure of his elder counterpart. Titan's poor mobility was more than offset by 'Slats' consistent defense and hustle. As the foursome left the court, Titan was heard to remark to 'Slats,' Frankie, baby, so much for revising Social Security; we contributed more than enough to these geezers mental and physical health today, that they should be paying us!"

Saturday, May 07, 2005

They won the peace, but not the match. Posted by Hello

Titan 'pitching' Japanese beer to 'Gimpy Knees.'  Posted by Hello

War Stories

Titan returned to the outdoor game at Kinsley Park on this blustery Saturday wherein the rains held off to afford a fun morning of tennis. 'Slats' and Sab,aka 'The Koide Kid,' paired against TT and Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz in a two set affair. 'Slats/'Koide Kid' had teamed earlier this week to give Joe a thrashing when he had partnered with 'Irish' Gallagher. Today, that duo did not share the same good fortune as Titan/GK rolled to a comfortable (6-3, 6-4) victory. Gusting, swirling winds were a major factor and played havoc with serves and lobs alike. Titan reminded Koide kid as they left the park, "Sab, being Japanese you should be used to losing a few battles by now." 'Slats' jumped to his partner's defense and retorted, "Titan, isn't that your $25,000 Toyota in the street that helped educate Sab's kids?" With a twinkle in his octagenarian eyes Sab chipped in, "Guess we won the peace." Gimpy Knees put it all in perspective with, "What kind of beer do Japanese people drink? Cervesa Saki?!"

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Titan/Tutor in a surprising pairing in the finale. Posted by Hello

Tutor Tuchman, EBL Tully, Mr Spin Marzullo conclude the '04-05 season Posted by Hello

Ascension Thurday? Cinco de mayo?

TennisTitan's return from Florida for the last scheduled YTC match of the season was well worth the 1300 mile drive. Titan paired with Bill 'EBL' Tully for an extraordinary 55 minute first set against Max 'Tutor' Tuchman and the irrepressible Roy 'Mr. Spin' Marzullo. Mr. Spin was in exceptional form leading his underdog team to a commanding 4 - 0 lead before yielding a game to TT/EBL. TennisTitan followed that winning game by holding serve himself, telling EBL, "We break Mr. Spin now and we're going to win this set." Indeed, after capturing game 7 to put the teams back on serve, then having EBL broken in the 8th game, Titan coolly announced, "Bill if we can win three in a row once, we can do it again." And win they did, running 'Mr Spin' ragged on the baseline and pounding 'Tutor' at the net. Mr Spin gallantly finished the set after straining his groin in game 11 as things began to slip away from the upset minded duo. TT/EBL came away with a well earned (7-5) victory. Due to Mr Spin's injury Titan paired with Tutor for set 2 against the more skilled and mobile team of EBL/Mr Spin. TT/Tutor played admirably but could not match their adversaries overall fire power and superior shot selection, dropping the set (2-6) to conclude the season. As the boys shook hands at net for the final time this season, Titan commented, "Well I guess I answered the question both ways today. In the first set, "My game rose to the occasion, just as Our Lord did this Ascension Thursday; in the second set it was "Stinko de Mayo!" To wit Tutor put it in proper perspective, "Titan, such a complicated religion, such a sick sense of humor. Get help before September."

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A "colorful" Titan in triumphant tribute to Flash Posted by Hello

CC Flash having been flushed by TT Posted by Hello

TennisTitan celebrates recent victory over CC Flash Posted by Hello