Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"No 'weak sister' am I."

"I liked today's results much better."

Spin Master returns

"Don't mess with us. We're in shape and ready to Tae Kwon Do."

Terrible Twos Day boys?

"Weak sister? Me!? I played like a mensch."

Writing Rongs

"Yeah, I know that is not the spelling you expected 'Slats,' but it wasn't the results (6-4) you and George 'deli man' Hauss had anticipated either. TennisTitan was strutting and preening after his decisive first set win with Bob 'Kraut Kluge this afternoon at Andrus Park. "I don't even have a sister" exclaimed 'Der Klugemeister' but if I did I'd pick the Titan. He was not weak today, but clutch on the big points. 'Deli man' was caught several times leaving the alley open for the 'crafty charlatan' and you 'coddling counselor' could not out rally the 'boisterous blowhard.' "This has to go down as our 'terrible Tuesday' lamented the lame laggard,' Frank Slattery who with the 'deli man' sustained another (6-4) loss at the hands of the 'Kraut' and Jose 'Spin Master' Guzman, subbing admirably for the aching 'pusillanimous prevaricator' who rested on his laurels on the side lines. TennisTitan paired with the 'Spin Master' in a truncated third set (3-3 partial) against the tandem of 'Kraut'/'deli man.' Guzman, a Black Belt, paid Titan due homage at the conclusion of play noting that TennisTitan is a master at spinning in his blog. "Phew" interjected 'Slats,' I was afraid you'd call him 'Sensei' and we all know that if TT had any sense he wouldn't play with a deteriorating hip."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Here's Joey..."

"I can't wait to find out what moniker Titan gives me. Actually it's the only reason I showed up after promising to make an appearance the past 5 years."

Before the match

"I can count on the 'Kraut' for maximum effort."

"Not today, not tomorrow and not on Tuesday."

Can I call you "Providence Patsy?"

"Titan, we wanted to send you home happy."

The aftermath...

"Kraut says 'I'm beyond his help and should change my nickname to 'Big Al' now that Diodati has retired."

It wasn't Devine Providence

"I see I must baby sit you now, Titan" chuckled Joe the 'flying friar' Polchinski at the conclusion of his first appearance at Kinsley Park this morning. "Twenty-five years ago you couldn't get enough of me when you needed a sitter for Russell. Now you should pay me that same $5/hr. to be an opponent you can beat" continued the Providence College grad. And so it was, TennisTitan salvaged what was a painful morning, literally and figuratively, with a (6- 1) victory over the 'flying friar' and Mike 'not so stellar' Stella with the aid of 'Der Klugemeister.' It was another story in the first set when the all court play of the formidable tandem of George 'deli man' Hauss and Frank 'Slats' Slattery proved too much for TT/'Kraut' (3-6). "I can run for you 'hobbling hobo' commented the 'testy Teuton' but I haven't figured out how to keep it in the court for you." "You are an albatross to my game - you, my 'bloated behemoth' friend are truly 'Big Al.'

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday in the Park

Saturday in the Park

"Please note that size order is not correlated with ability. George is a teacher and he wanted me to remind you if you've never seen me play."

"He's My Redeemer"

"I keep telling him; 'this is what good friends are for. I want him to feel good about himself."

A Bit of Truth

"Either of us would have won too if we had played with 'Kraut' as a partner. We took a beating because you're a cripple Titan."

"What the F**k!"

"Stunned!? - just doesn't describe it."

Return to Normalcy

"Titan, no one wants a history lesson from you anymore than they would want a tennis lesson" snapped a disgruntled George 'teacher' Febles. He and Rockin' Rick Ricci had been spanked (6-1) by TennisTitan and Bob 'Kraut' Kluge. "Yeah, interjected fellow 'acerbic Aryan' Carl the anonymous Gas Man' we Germans are still sensitive about the aftermath of World War I. You quoting Warren G. Harding is only appropriate because you'll likely be voted worst tennis player in Yonkers as he has been thought of as our worst president." Der Klugemeister came quickly to the Titan's defense. "Titan was on fire this morning. That 'bad boy' undressed Stuart 'not ESPN' Scott and 'the anonymous Gas Man' (6-1) with a fusillade of cross court winners and the occasional laser down the alley." "Nice of you to remind them Bobby" giggled the 'gaudy gargantuan.' Especially since these four 'lame losers' likely voted Democrat both times and have given us truly the worst president ever." "But that doesn't change your status 'bloviating  behemoth.' Somehow you get the most success out of the least talent," quipped 'Rockin' Rick.