Thursday, March 29, 2012

Now Pain and (Still) Talent Free. TaDa!

"First set in 5 months! As a tennis whore I couldn't wait until Saturday... Kinsley boys you'll have your way with me soon."

Remember Peaches and Herb? 'Reunited and it feels so good.'

"I've got to get a pair of sneakers like 'Big Al' has when I go all red."

The Third Set is All That Counts

"Obama taught me this move."

Twasn't a Painful Physical Experience but...

"Titan, perhaps the surgeon will give you your money back" quipped 'Big Al' Diodati. "Better still" chimed in Bill 'Energizer Bunny Legs' Tully, "maybe he'll play 'a let' and give you a do-over in the operating room." The 'Russian Bear' chortled, 'Da, the Titan may be a 'bionic blowhard' now with those new titanium kneecaps but he still moves like the 'tortured tortoise' we remember these many years before his November double total knee replacement surgery." Indeed, the results (and the movement) were much the same post-op (1-6, 2-6) losses with the 'Italian Stallion' in the first set and with 'Russkie' Vladimir Kartsev in the second. 'EBL' and whoever is his partner are just too good for the opposition. As the group gathered for pictures the 'fatuous fathead' reminded his fellow losers, "Hey, just remember, it was a double for me today. Lucy bought me an 'everything bagel' at Dunkin' Donuts earlier today and 'EBL' helped me savor a second one (6-0) in the third set. 'Big Al' retorted, "TennisTitan, there was so much rust in your game this afternoon you should be calling yourself the 'oxidized oaf.' "Not to worry TommyTT when you get out there at Kinsley', added 'EBL' "those boys will find out soon enough that you haven't lost a step or a decibel."