Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Another Day at the Office

TT had that irresistable urge to compete at Kinsley the day following the strenuous sets against 'King Gene.' "It's Tuesday", he thought, "soon the guys will mostly be back at work, the nice weather will be over and I'll be looking forward to less frequent opportunities to play...what the hell, a light work out will get the aches out - maybe?" So TT arrived to complete the foursome; Sab, George 'The Teacher' and Big Al were warmed and ready to go. TT and Big Al quickly fell behind 3-Love but rallied to put the match back on serve. This 75 minute first set went to the tie breaker wherein TT/Big Al took the set 7-6 (7-4). "Happy Jack" Carey and new addition, Jim Devine proved less of an obstacle in set two as they quickly fell to George "The Teacher" and TT... as a matter of fact a bagel was served prior to the dinner hour.

Upon arrival home TT heard the voice of his favorite challenger when he answered the phone while dropping his tennis bag as he flopped into his Lazy-Boy; it was Rich "Prez" Prezioso. Tomorrow's match is scheduled for 2 pm on the Briarcliff clay. Will TT have the stamina to match his heart to do battle a third consecutive day? You bet I will!

Monday, August 30, 2004

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TT - "Wait'll Next Year" Posted by Hello

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Reign, reign go away...

TT had an unexpected opportunity to play tennis today. He was 'summoned' by the King. While TT was busy purloining music off the internet he received a call from "King Gene" who was looking to get some match play in before his next tournament opponent. How could TT say "no," aches be damned. Kenny Chesney can wait, but not 'my liege.' So TT headed to the clay courts of Briarcliff Manor to spar with 'KG.' And, indeed, it was a match worth playing from both participants viewpoints. TT was able to raise his game to compete well against mighty King Gene, managing to take set two (6-2)and being a viable threat in sets one and three, before dropping both at 6-3 and 7-5, respectively. The King prevented TT from prevailing in the third set by breaking TT in the 11th game and closing it out on his own serve. The King's reign is secure, at least until their next joust. King Gene's winning smile accompanies this post. TT's look is that of the Brooklyn Dodgers, "wait'll next year."

Sunday, August 29, 2004

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Do you see a pattern?

TT was back on his favorite court this date (Aug.28) reverting to form. TT was paired with his former partner, "Slats" in the first set opposing "King Gene" and "The Kraut," Bob Kluge, dropping the set 6-3. Kraut's serve was a deciding factor in this set. Hence TT was 'traded' to make the next set more competitive! Ha! King Gene and TT served for the bagel before Slats and Kraut knew what hit them. Kraut had reverted to form and Slats always brings out the best in TT; ergo a 6-2 victory was not unexpected by TT. However,the Kraut pleaded his case and was returned to the other side of the net for set three wherein, he and King Gene were made to sweat out a 7-5 victory in the best set of the day. As I see it, the pattern is this: "King Gene" has been aptly named, and for that matter too, so is "Slats," just a support piece which is easily "broken".

In the preliminary match "Big Al" and "Happy Jack" were no match for Sab and "Slats" who cruised to a 6-2 victory.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

My Audio message to YOU

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TennisTitan SWEEPS!


August 26

TennisTitan had an experience today that has become increasingly rare for him... an afternoon of play in which he only sipped from the sweet cup of victory... Much credit to the high caliber of play by doubles partners "Big Al" in sets one (6-2) and two (6-4), and "George The Teacher" in set three (6-2). TT knows his play was decisive because he managed to avoid being broken in all but one of his service games...certainly not typical of the "man whose serve is always exceeded by his mouth." Making the victories especially sweeter for TT was that both 6-2 sets came against "Slats," a defensive stalwart whose hustle and stamina are much admired by TT, (even if his serve is not). If he ever gives me his 'true' home telephone number I will be sure to tell him personally, but as for now, he must read this bitter cup and continue to long for the days when he played along side TT. "Happy Jack Carey" ably assisted Slats but his shoulders were much too narrow today. Greatest kudos must go to the unbelievable level of play that our 80 year old Japanese friend, Sab, is able to regularly demonstrate over his 90 minutes of play... a remarkable athlete even if he has no shoulders to carry TT in future sets when TT reverts to form.

Monday, August 23, 2004

August 23rd


Today would have been TT's 35th wedding anniversary had Our Lord not called Janice home too soon 12 years ago... what better way for TT to enjoy this lovely August Monday - very reminiscent of that beautiful Saturday in '69 - than hitting some tennis balls with our son Russell at Kinsley. Thank you Russ, Thank you Janice.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Oh, Those Long Points

TT very much enjoyed today's play at Kinsley. He was paired with "Big Al" in doubles against George Hauss and Bob Kluge. TT was satisfied with his efforts but could have been happier with different results, dropping both sets at 1 and 3. Bob continues to play well accepting the "middle age" man limitations to his game that he now imposes more freely on himself. George played his usual consistent game and he and Bob regularly won both the "long'" points and "long" games attesting to their superior physical stamina. George handled a totally exhausted TT (6-1) in singles to conclude the mornings play. Jack Carey and Brother Antonio Quinn, a friend of "Big AL" from South Carolina, also managed to play a creditable set of doubles against George and Bob who were the big winners on this gray, humid day.

Friday, August 20, 2004

The Nothing Brothers;(l-r) "See" "Hear" & "Do"

Frank "Slats" Slattery, Al DioDati and TT Posted by Hello

George "The Chemist"

TT with George "Slice" Hauss Posted by Hello

George "The Teacher"

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Bob 'Kraut' Kluge

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"Kinsley Kang"

Al DioDati, Jack Carey, TT, Frank Slattery (Bottom Row) Joe Cruz, George Hauss Posted by Hello

TennisTitan is an enthusiastic 3.5 recreational tennis player who lives in Yonkers, New York. If you are taking the time to read this message, undoubtedly you have already had the opportunity to play against TT. I hope that you enjoyed the experience and that he brought out the best in your game. TT loves to compete at his best, and if you have had the opportunity to raise his game to your level, TT was a happy man, win or lose. TT considers Kinsley Park in north Yonkers his "home" outdoor court and can usually be found there Saturday mornings year round. TT supplements his outdoor play in the non-summer months with indoor play at the Yonkers Tennis Center on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Indeed, TT continues the Tuesday and Thursday afternoons regimen with outdoor play at Kinsley during the summer when the YTC is closed. TT hopes to publish his comments on future matches against his regular opponents and to add some pictures of the participants.

He invites your "serious" commentary to this blog.