Wednesday, January 31, 2007

But Titan, this is OUR island!

The above words resonated in TennisTitan's ears as he left the Blue Crab Key courts in this his last outting on the January Southern Senior's Tour. Titan came up small this morning. TT paired with the St. James City 'Dynamo', Doug Dack, in the first and fourth sets. 'Dynamo' suffered through three horrific service loses and received 'nada' support from 'El Choke O' in set number one falling before fellow Michiganders Ron 'No Dick am I' Van Dyck and Darryl 'Wolverine' Tison (3-6). Titan's only saving grace this set was that he held serve which did not offset the many miscued volleys he offered. Truth be told, the sun and wind were factors for all players. TT had little pop or accuracy on his first serve throughout the morning. TT joined with 'No Dick' for the second set and was rolled. I mean bageled (0-6) in 21 minutes. 'Dynamo' found his game in set two and he motored around the court as swiftly as the Wolverine. TennisTitan could not even be successfully carried by 'Wolverine' in set three as they dropped a hotly contested set (4-6). So that was strike three. But wait. 'Dynamo' requested a final opportunity to lift the 'bloated behemoth' to a victory. And indeed he did. TennisTitan was a willing participant in the 'Dack Attack' which led the 'boisterous bloviator' to TT's only victory (6-4). As the boys met at net to bid the 'bombastic blowhard' adieu they chorused, "Titan, it may be your house, but it is our island! Now get your sorry ass on that plane and don't forget to take your humility pills while you're back in New York!!"

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wolverine was Hot

Ron 'No Dick' Van Dyck

Monday, January 29, 2007

"This is My House"

"Well, Ron your half deaf. I had to listen to his crap full bore on both sides of the net." These were the words of Darryl 'Wolverine' Tison to his fellow transplanted Michigander Ron "No Dick Am I" Van Dyck at the conclusion of play at the Blue Crab Key courts this date. TennisTitan rudely introduced himself to another tepid Pine Island soul, no doubt expecting a gentlemanly game ala the patty-cake play at Phillips Park. 'No Dick' and 'Show Me' Klein had come away c0-winners of the prestigious George Moore monthly tournament trophy on Friday Jan. 25th. TT knew that he had gotten a terrible draw that morning when he was saddled with 2.5 females for five of the six minnie sets. Time to set the record straight! Titan first paired with Walt 'Show Me' Klein in today's opener. The 'boisterous blowhard' had sufficient pop on his serve and deftness at net to Waltz to an easy (6-1) pasting on the Michiganders. Set 2 was far more satisfying to the Titan as the 'bloated behemoth' very ably complemented the 'Wolverine' in a surprising take down of the co-trophy holders (6-4). The Wolfman's great hustle and never-quit-on-a-point attitude were keys to this upset. TT teamed with 'No Dick' for the finale and here the miracle ride ended. TT/'ND' fell (2-6) to the superior power and speed of the combination of Klein/Tison. As 'Show Me' left the BCK courts for the final time this winter he opined, "Titan, are you sure you ain't from Missouri?" ''Thanks Walt, I'll take that as a compliment" said the 'eccentric egomaniac' with a shit-eating grin beneath his white beard.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Walt "Show Me" Klein

Doubles Troubles

Slow Ed and Wolverine

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Oh, My Aching Back"

"Titan, my back hurts today, it's all up to you, I gotta go." The words uttered by Walt 'Show Me' Klein as he departed Blue Crab Key passing the yoke of carrying Grant 'Packer Backer' Craig on to the shoulders of the 'Bloated Behemoth.' TT and four players played some uninteresting round robbin abbreviated sets to keep 'Packer Backer' happy before getting down to the nitty-gritty. TT knows that the best competitive match generated among this group would not have included 'PB' who brings the least to the table. Set one saw TennisTitan pair with 'Slow Eddie' Lubejko and defeat the tandem of 'Packer Backer' and Darryl 'Wolverine' Tison (6-2). 'Wolverine' employs a speed game and is an excellent defender. 'PB' summoned Titan to his side for what turned out to be the final set with, "Titan I better play with you now before you get too tired." The rag tag team was down love-4 before making a match of it (3-6). Titan queried 'Slow Eddie' as the foursome met at net, "Eddie, how do you always manage to avoid teaming with Packer Backer"? The retort was another Lubejko ace. "Titan, didn't you call me the Polish Prince today? So treat me like royalty - no heavy lifting!"

Friday, January 19, 2007

"Titan, I CAN carry him!

'Badger Codger' and 'Packer Backer'

History Lesson

Your Titan met up with his Pine Island buds for some doubles this morning. At least I think TT showed up. TennisTitan brought nothing to the party and dropped the three sets he participated in with Grant 'Packer Backer' Craig, Walt 'Show Me' Klein, George 'Badger Codger' Moore and 'Slow Eddie' Lubejko. Titan sat out the first set - I'll take that as today's victory. TT first paired with 'Packer Backer' and was smoked by the tandem of 'Slow Eddie' and 'Show Me' (6-0). Set two was TT's best when he and 'Badger Codger' dropped a tough set (4-6) to 'Show Me' and 'PB.' The finale had TT again pair with 'PB' against 'Slow Eddie' and the 'Badger Codger' producing a resounding (2-6) defeat. As the boys met at net 'Show Me' opined, "I guess only my back is strong enough to carry Grant to victory." To wit 'Slow Eddie' retorted, "The way I figure, it's a lucky thing that this Grant was not the one Lincoln counted on in the Civil War." "Why" said the 'Badger Codger.' "Ain't it obvious," chipped in TT, "his volleys come off his racket like buckshot." "Oh, so where was your canon today" quipped Coach klein shutting up the 'bombastic blowhard.'

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

'Slow Eddie' with SLOWER Titan

Back in the Saddle

"Titan, can you play tomorrow morning?" That was the question posed by 'Packer Backer' Grant Craig soon after TT had soothed his aching legs from the earlier morning match. 'PB' was itching to get back on the BCK courts and had already lined up Coach 'Show Me' Klein and Ed 'Slow Eddie' Lubejko for a Tuesday morning confrontation. Your Titan brought his 'A' game today. First pairing with Walt 'Show Me' Klein TennisTitan delivered the goods in set one (6-1). Titan served big and returned well throughout the entire morning. He had some pop on his flatline serve and nice angles on returns that had zip. Especially pleasing to TT was his ability to sustain his levels through sets two and three. TT/'Slow Eddie' had enough moxey in the second set (6-4) to withstand a late set rally by the Coach and 'Packer Backer.' However the most startling outcome was in the final set. Titan/'Packer Backer' held the superior duo of 'Slow Eddie'/'Show Me' to a (5-5) draw. TT/'PB' had gotten off to a 3-love lead to fall behind 3-4 when the rag tag team somehow pulled out a 6 deuce game to draw even and then have Titan bring it home to go up 5-4. But 'Show Me' had the final say in the tenth game coming back from 15-40 to take the game. Coach opined as he met Titan at net, "Tommy, my boy, you must learn how to close out a match. It'll be a lesson you'll never regret nor ever forget!" Titan's pleading response was"Show Me!" 'Slow Eddie' said as he ran for the gate, "I gotta get the hell out of here, I'm 20 minutes late already."

Monday, January 15, 2007

Show Me, Badger, Packer Backer

Snow Birding

TennisTitan hooked up with fellow snow birds for three sets of fun doubles at his beloved Blue Crab Key this date. So, at least, That was a WIN! Titan had been trolling the waters at Phillips Park tennis courts in recent days for potential over-the-hill doubles enthusiasts who'd enjoy a competitive game, rather than the patty-cake round robbin rotation that is the staple at the town park. Joining TT at BCK were Grant 'Packer Backer' Craig, George 'Badger Codger' Moore and Walt 'Show Me' Klein. Well, Walt proved worthy of his state's (Missouri)moniker as he did show me! Titan was no match for the former college tennis coach. TT dropped a highly competitive first set playing with Badger (6-7 [5]) when he withered away four set points. The second set saw Titan/'Packer Backer' get blown out by 'Show Me' and 'Badger' (2-6). TT/'Badger' were lit up in the third set by the same score (2-6). Coach Klein had a stinging first serve and jump on his second serve. Nonetheless his backhand (compliment) was even more effective. 'Show Me' opined as the boys met at net for the post match handshake, "Titan, I look forward to playing with you as my partner. It's clear that you'd have a lot to work on." "Ouch" cringed TT, "Couldn't you say that you had a lot to work WITH?!"

Saturday, January 06, 2007

"Not Laughing Now, Titan?"

"Maybe One Good Leg..."

"...we didn't play that badly, Frankie."

MiniHAHA Sets

TennisTitan and five of his mates engaged in a fun morning of round-robin doubles this balmy winter day on a wet court at Kinsley. With temperatures in the low 60's these boys of summer did their utmost to build TT's confidence on this the Titan's last play date in NY before heading to Blue Crab Key for four weeks. Titan drew the long straw as the sixth arriving player and consequently was paired with Carl 'Spindly Legs' Gessman for the morning's activities. TT/'SL' dominated play defeating 'Happy Jack' Carey and George 'Chemist' Hauss in the first of four mini sets (4-3). 'HJ'/'Chemist' had first defeated 'Big Al' Dio Dati and Frank 'Slats' Slattery (6-2) to earn the initial right to defend court one. TT/'SL' then dispatched "Big Al'/'Slats' (4-1), 'HJ'/'Chemist' (4-2) and 'Big Al'/'Slats' (4-1) in subsequent miniHAHAs! Regretably 'HJ'/'Chemist' had the last laugh however, defeating the leg weary Titan and 'Spindly Leg' (3-6). As the sixsome met at net Gessman opined, "Titan between the two of us, we might have one good leg." Happy Jack interjected, "Carl, your wife might question that 'good' leg! Slats retorted "Titan, since you've said you don't blog partial sets, I guess your play was equal to mine... we both lost one set to 'Chemist' and 'Happy Jack." "Atta, boy Frankie, I knew we didn't play that badly" chirped 'Big Al' as he guzzled his Snapple.