Sunday, September 24, 2006


TennisTitan will be in Florida for the next four weeks. TT is looking forward to his matches with 'CC Flash' and 'Big Daddy' Jeff who is adding on Sept. 25th a future opponent to his family for the Titan to play (circa 2011). Joey "Baby Titan" Briscoe will be formidable. Titan hopes to back on the court reporting matches to you by October 1st.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

As they say, "Roger and out!" Posted by Picasa

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

Your Titan hit the courts running - check that, in TT's case make that walking briskly, this afternoon at the YTC. TennisTitan paired with Max 'Tutor' Tuchman against Roy. 'Mr Spin' Marzullo and 'Big Al' Dio Dati (subbing for 'EBL). This was a first-time combination of teams for this foursome, what with Ol' Reliable Bill 'EBL" Tully (he's no Tommy Heinrich) a late scratch. TT came away thinking that this was one of the better Thursday Group meetings in the five years he has been associated with group. In set one, Titan and 'Tutor' were defeated (6-8) when TT suffered his only service loss of the day in the 12th game that enabled 'Big Al'/'Mr Spin' to send it into overtime. The final two games of this first set epitomized the tenor of the entire set as each and every point was masterfully played by all parties. Indeed, with this defeat one might not have expected what was to follow. Your Titan who was serving big all day, ratched up his game to levels not usually known to him and dominated all aspects of the eleven games that followed (6-1, 4-0 partial). TT smoked the forehand alley, was right-on with placement serves, and had Mr Spin panting in his efforts to get to his twistingly accurate lobs interspersed with deft droppers and well placed cross court backhands. 'Tutor' could have been actively recruited by the Yonkers Dept. of Public Works; he took care of so many of the garbage defensive returns elicited by TT's popping serve! As the boys met at net for the post match hand shake Tutor opined, "Titan, what's with you today, I actually called you "Bill" by mistake the way you were abusing Roy." 'Big Al' reflected, "I thought I was supposed to be "Bill." TennisTitan chortled to Tutor, 'Imagine if you had not forgotten your glasses, you might have called me "Roger!"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Rust? What rust, Titan!" Posted by Picasa

One-Way Fare

The Titan was called upon to help three more morning group players shake off the rust from their summer absence from the tennis court. TennisTitan paired with Mario 'Zippy' Zino against Jeff 'Limo Man' Berkon and Yossi 'Israeli Time' Newman at the YTC. TT chose not to put his foot on the gas throughout most of the hard fought two-setter. But as often is the case in life you can not turn on (my limited) ability as if it were a light switch. After cruising to a relatively easy (6-3) victory in the opening set, Titan and 'Zippy's level fell just enough to make the second set far more competitive. TT/'Zippy rallied from 2-5 down to level the set at six. TennisTitan and 'Zippy' dropped the critical multi-deuce 13th game against Limo Man's serve and fell meekly on Mario's serve (6-8). As the boys gathered at net for the obligatory post match picture, Limo Man opined, "Titan, it seems you only paid a one-way fare this morning, not a round trip." Mario wondered aloud, "Yossi, does Titan drive too fast for you?" Israeli Time retorted, "Nein, just talks too much!"

Monday, September 18, 2006

We'll all play better next time, TT" Posted by Picasa

The Squeaking Wheel

Your Titan returned to the early hours wars (7:30 - 9:00) at the Yonkers Tennis Center this morning joining Ed 'Lean, Lanky, Lefty' Gordon, 'Rockin' Rick Ricci and Tony 'No Baloney' Guido in three plus sets of tennis. "LLL" was rotated through the group and presented each of his partners with their own personal ''L." TennisTitan/'LLL' dropped the first set (3-6). Little did TT realize that by capturing three games after being down love-5 that that would be the highlight of the morning. Titan paired with 'RRR' in set two and cruised to a (6-1) victory over 'No Baloney' and the Lean, Lanky Lefty. The tandem of 'RRR'/'LLL' were served their morning bagel (6-0) by 'NB'/TT in the final set played to completion. Your Titan was scrambling to spoil a bagel in the making in the time-curtailed 4th set (0-4) when he reunited with 'LLL.' As the exhausted foursome left the court Ed opined, "Guys, I guess I am a little rusty, not having played in 9 weeks." No Baloney chortled, "What do you mean a little?" 'RRR' chirped, "Rusty? -don't you mean corroded?" TT crowed, "I'll bring the WD-40 next time, who gives a crap we all had fun!"

Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Mayor, first we work..."

"...and then we play."

"Now you got it."

"That's not how to brush up on the ball!"

Mayor getting his just desserts!

Amicone and his sycophants

Teutonic Duo

"TT, we made you sweat."

Meatloaf sang "Two out of three ain't bad"


TennisTitan and nine of his mates were graced with the presence of Mayor Phil Amicone this date in what served as the "official" (hell, the mayor is Yonkers chief executive) opening of the newly resurfaced Kinsly Park. The Kinsley boys are very appreciative of Hizonor's recent commitment of the city's funds to refurbish our second home. The mayor's opening remarks were heard by this retinue of sycophants and several dog walkers who immediately resumed plastic bag duties upon seeing Amicone pick up his racket and engage in a few practice rallies with the Titan among others.The boys having paid homage to the mayor, and exacting some physical labor from him to get the wet courts in playing shape, then engaged in some spirited high-quality doubles. On court 1 'Big Al' Dio Dati and Frank 'Slats' Slattery staged a remarkable comeback from 2-5 to take the tie breaker (7-6 [7]) from George 'Chemist' Hauss and Bob 'Kraut' Kluge relegating them to the loser's bracket. On the adjacent court 2 your humble?!? reporter and 'Rockin' Rick Ricci held sway (6-3) over Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz and Chris 'Prozac Kid' Tyrone. 'Chemist'/'Kraut' met more resistance (6-4) than anticpated from 'Happy Jack' Carey (substituting for 'GK') and the 'Prozac Kid' and advanced to the final set. TT/'RRR' barely hung on in their second set against 'Big Al'/'Slats' dissapating a 5-3 lead to win the tie breaker (7-6 [4]). In the champions round the Teutonic Duo of Kluge and Hauss was more lethal than the bombing of Dresden as they blitzkrieged the weary 'RRR'/TT (6-2) for this day's ultimate bragging rights. As the exhausted 'bombastic blowhard' left the court 'Kraut' was heard to say to him, "Tommy, my boy, it was nice of you to recognize my trip in from Chicago and have the mayor here to greet me." 'Chemist' quipped, "Titan, we here so much about your "Kick-Ass" tour, how about calling today your "Kiss-Ass" tournament.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Titan, next week I'll wear a tutu." Posted by Picasa

'Abada' 'Mr Spin' - That 70's Show Posted by Picasa

That 70's show

Your Titan was so much looking forward to his opening indoor match at the Yonkers Tennis Center today. The ideal day to appreciate paying to play tennis - a rainy day in New York with the temperatures in the high sixties (when otherwise you might wish that you were playing outdoors). But I got rained on anyway! TT partnered with Bill 'EBL' Tully. He of "that great first step toward the ball" and excellent court anticipation. The opposition, the Inwood Tandem, of Roy 'Mr. Spin' Marzullo and Jim Addiss 'Abada' two veteran players who bring tenacity, guile, and shot variety onto the court with them. Well, Energizer Bunny Legs forgot to bring his sneakers and wound up tweaking his ankle seven games into what was becoming a donnybrook of a first set (4-3). It took 45 minutes to play the 7 games that were marked with long rallies and multi-deuce games. TT's game was flat. He dropped his only two service opportunities, shanked a few put-aways at net and was being 'eaten up' by the forehand returns of 'Abada.' But damn, we were on serve when EBL rolled his ankle in the ballet-type sneakers that Mr. Spin had laying around in his trunk. But my hat is tipped to 'Spin' and 'Abada,' men in their 70's, who provide a wonderful example for this 60 year old hacker to keep on playing. Or did I mean yakker! Like FoxNews - "I report, you decide."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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"The Tortoise and The Snail" Posted by Picasa

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Your TennisTitan and three of his mates enjoyed a late afternoon/evening of doubles at Kinsley this date. Titan had his measure taken by George 'Chemist' Hauss and Frank 'Slats' Slattery (4-6, 4-6) in the first two sets. Fellow retiree 'Rockin Rick' Ricci was not able to do enough to pull the 'bloated blowhard' to victory in either set. When these two play together Aesop can author a new fable, aptly titled "The Tortoise and the Snail." 'RRR's deft volleying was often wasted as TT was unable to cover the backcourt in support. Similarly, feeble returns off some of TT's power serves went unchallenged by the leg weary Ricci. Titan avoided being swept when 'Slats' crossed over the net for the third set (6-3) and became the Titan's legs. The last four games of the final set were played in twilight and saw TT/'Slats' rally from their 2-3 deficit to victory. As 'Slats' left the court 'Chemist' chortled, "Frankie boy, is it a Beacon Hill call when the player can't see the line because of insufficient light and calls it 'in' because it sounded good?" To wit 'RRR' chimed in, "Chemist, who could hear anything other than the Titan's constant yammering!"

Saturday, September 09, 2006

'Spindly Legs, Rockin' Rick..."50/50"

Titan, 'Teacher' thrashed...

Chemist and 'Rocklander' Marrone

Italians say "Marrone." Me too, now!

TennisTitan joined five familiar mates (and one Johnny-come-lately newcomer) at Kinsley Park this morning for some fun tennis on the resurfaced courts. Your Titan paired with George 'Teacher' Febles in the second set of the day and solidly thrashed 'Rockin' Rick Ricci and Carl 'Spindly Legs' Gessman (6-1). 'RRR"/'SL' had opened the mornings activites with a comfortable (6-2) victory of their own against George 'Chemist' Hauss and Big Al' Dio Dati. Teams were reshuffled for the third and final set preventing TT from defending court 1 because of the departing 'Teacher.' Big Al'/TT struggled to level their set at 3-3 when 'Rockin' Rick also bailed, only to be replaced with the fresh legs and the lefty stylings of newcomer Jim 'Rocklander' Marrone. Your Titan proceeded to drop his service in the critical seventh game, not do enough to break 'Rocklander,' and be sued for non-support by 'Big Al' who fell meekly in the concluding game (3-6). As a chastened 'bombastic blowhard' left the court he bellowed, "I told those parkies to cut the tree limbs yesterday so that I could lob effectively. Who knew that they'd ignore me just like you all do."

Friday, September 08, 2006

TT takes oath from Luis, Scott to maintain Kinsley. Posted by Picasa

TT wielded magic wand today. Posted by Picasa

'Rockin' Rick' outclassed Posted by Picasa


Do all good things come to those who wait? Titan got his answer today. When the call came from Chris "Prosac Kid" Tyrone who lives across the street from Kinsley that the parkies were putting up the nets Titan was speed dialing 'Rockin' Rick Ricci to set up a match and be the one to take Kinsley's maidenhood today. Your Titan, ever the man with a sense of Kinsley history, called Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz as he awaited 'RRR's arrival enabling , Joe and TT, worthy adversaries these past 15 years, to get the first game in. TennisTitan held his unique opening ceremonies with park personnel (who needs the mayor) and engaged in a spirited two setter with 'RRR.' TT, being the childish prick he is, was initially distraught that park attendant Luis Hernandez hit the first ball over the net as TT was getting others to pose for his opening ceremony pictures. So Titan calmly walked down to courts 2, 3 and 4 and served the first ball into each before snapping a picture. Sounds just like the Titan, right. As for the match Titan brought his 'A' game and outclassed 'Rockin' (6-3, 6-0). Titan had pop on his serve firing a dozen service winners including five aces but saved his best bomb for the parkies as he left Kinsley with the boys finishing their lunch break. "Hey, Luis, Scott, will you cut down those limbs overhanging court 1. Titan will be back tomorrow and using his lob down the line in the doubles match."