Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Not Quite Federer Vs. Agassi but...

What the hell, Titan vs. "Flash" ain't so bad. TennisTitan concluded his series of matches against "CC Flash" on his January '05 Nuveen Seniors Tour in incredible fashion. Those of you who have enjoyed the recurrent opportunity to play against TT know full well that Two-Ton-Tommy always runs out of gas before his mouth does. Well, not today, mon ami (a little French lingo for my literate readers). Titan quite uncharacteristically managed the near impossible for him. A THREE SET (3, tres, drei, tre) Sweep of "Gentleman Jim" aka "CC Flash in our last scheduled meeting. After winning set 1 (6-3) in somewhat comfortable fashion TT had enough to hang in there and close out set 2 winning three straight games to take the set (6-3). "Flash," ever gracious to offer TT a third set in past meetings to enable TT to attempt to avoid a sweep, was given that same opportunity. Who would have thought that TT would prevail (7-5) by breaking "Flash" in the critical 11th game and serve it out successfully.

Many thanks to 'Flash' for his forebearance for my boorish on-court yabbering throughout our highly competitive matches. To celebrate our play we shall take my boat out tomorrow to fish a little, tell each other how wonderful we played, and stop for lunch dockside by a local "watering hole," if you get my drift (a little fishing lingo). I shall count my blessing throughout the entire day! See you back in New York next week.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A day at the office

TennisTitan and 'CC Flash' resumed their intense rivalry on Monday without exhibiting much intensity in their level of play over a three set match. Played in ideal weather conditions (62 degrees, light variable winds, and no humidity) both contestants were adversely affected by the bright sun that impacted the server's ability on the east side of the court. Need I say more before my valued readers realize that TT got whipped (4-6, 1-6) in sets 1 and 2, but made a respectable, albeit unexpected recovery, to win the final set (6-2). TT and 'Flash' hope to get two more matches in this week before the Titan heads north but "Flash" fancies himself a basketball player and 'saves' himself for his Friday night 3 man-game at his local Church by avoiding tennis with the Titan on Friday and Saturday (for recovery). So look for at least one more (if not two) opportunity for TT to leave his mark on Flash's psyche before pulling up stakes and heading to his YTC opponents.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"It's All About Heart...sometimes"

TennisTitan demonstrated why he is a Titan of Tennis today. Two-Ton-Tommy was run off the court by 'CC Flash' in set 1 as 'Gentlman Jim' played a wise, patient game in the opener, serving effectively at 85% speed and chasing down everything that TT was able to return. TT was dispatched with ease in 21 minutes dropping the set 6-1. But occasionally TT has the capacity to re-group in circumstances that even surprise the Titan. Today was such a day. TT hung tough in set 2, holding his own serve until the critical 9th game when 'Flash' broke through to have the opportunity to serve it out. T'was not to be as Titan leveled it at 5-5; only to drop game 11 and be forced to break back in the 12th game to continue the contest. As always these contestants "play it out" to the bitter end. Titan knows he must leave it all on the court in the 2nd set because he hasn't a prayer should there be a third played today. TT and 'Flash' held their respective serves entering the decisive 16th game when Titan broke through against Flash to win a scintillating 70 minute set 9-7. 'Gentleman Jim' was heard to be muttering something about "damn Yankees" and "Mountaineers never give up!" as he promised to return to BCK in the near future to avenge this bitter loss. Ouch!

The competition intensifies...

TT was unable to make this posting in a timely fashion due to the lack of library services on MLK Day, keeping him away from the computer/blog. "Flash" rallied from a 2-4 decficit in set 2 played on Monday morning to burst TT's bubble and prevent Titan from sweeping the two sets played that day. It was altogether fitting that "Flash" captured set 2 in the same fashion that TT had fashioned his own 2-4 comeback to win set 1 (6-4, 4-6). TT was entertaining his beloved Lucy this weekend down from cold NY winter and the Titan was naturally "drained." Well, at least I got in a 'love game' somewhere this weekend! I'll be back on my own by Wednesday's rematch with 'Gentleman Jim... let's see how I'll do then.

Friday, January 14, 2005

No "Flash" in the pan is he!

After a one week absence from my beloved passion TT returned to the courts yesterday in grand style. TT had been unsuccessful in getting his sons Jeff and Russ on the courts last week in Valdosta, Ga. nor could he find a game in the 2 days spent at Tarpon Springs, Fl. Naturally upon arrival back at BCK TT headed to the town park where he got in the mix with 5 other doubles players and honed his skills in anticipation of the delayed rematch with "CC Flash" scheduled for under the lights at the Mid-Cape Tennis Club last night where "Gentleman Jim" is a member. Me thinks TT's efforts in doubles sapped what little energy he ever has for night time tennis. "CC Flash" blew TT out in set one, 6-1, as he proceeded to take 9 of the first 10 games. TT was jubilent just to avoid that evening bagel, down 5-0. But the Titan must take solace in the second set wherein he staged a remarkable comeback, erasing a 0-3 deficit with consistent play to win the 2nd set in surprising fashion 6-4. However, it was clear TT had left 'his load' on the clay during that 2nd set effort, because 'the rubber' was a replica of set 1 as CC regained his poise and his superior conditioning earned him another 6-1 victory. Ah, there's always next time. I hope it's soon.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Jimmy Stewart I'm not but...

It's a Wonderful Life, indeed, for the TennisTitan. Returning to the Southern Senior Tour at my beloved home court at Blue Crab Key, under clear cloudless blue skies and 78 degree temperature, TT and 'CC Flash' engaged in a two set battle this date sure to set the standard for the coming weeks. 'Flash,' no doubt still smarting from his epic defeat at the hands of TT on Dec. 15 was most inhospitable between the white lines this morning. Those pleasantries exchanged at the airport on the evening of the 3rd were no where to be found as 'Flash' took care of business easily in set 1, 6-3. 'Flash' served effectively and exhibited his trade mark hustle which is the linchpin of his all court game. TT managed to win 2 of the last 3 games of the set, building sufficient confidence to play more steadily in set 2. TT and 'Flash' held serve respectively up until the pivotal 9th game when 'Flash' lost his concentration and threw in 2 double faults at critical junctures. TT must must have heard Clarence ring the bell because as far as he is concerned an angel was born as TT held his serve to close out the set 6-4. The next scheduled match is set for Thursday.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

TT, King Gene, Happy Jack and George 'Teacher' welcome in year 2005 Posted by Hello

Zwei Deutchlanders Posted by Hello


TT welcomed in 2005 with 5 familiar colleagues at Kinsley... or were they??? HAPPY Jack Carey played like a NEW man; "it's been YEARs since he performed so well," said his friend Bill. Indeed, HJ and King Gene gave the "Zwei Deutchlanders" all they could handle in set 1, dropping the tie breaker to George "Chemist" Hauss and Bob "Kraut" Kluge 6-7 (4). HJ/KG did not let victory slip from their grasp in set 2 as they broke the tandem of TennisTitan and George "Teacher" Febles in game nine to take the set at 6-4 when HJ held serve in strong fashion. HJ performed admirably throughout, complementing the fine net play of KG with consistent baseline and deep volley returns that had them at set point twice against 'Chemist/Kraut.' The 'Kraut' exhausted from a week of trysting the night away with his 'Honey' had enough in the scrotum to hit the mark one last time as he closed out the breaker. In singles play Chemist defeated Kraut and King Gene out performed TT at 6-3.

TT is off to join the Southern Seniors Tour for the next four weeks. Look for the exciting reportage as he resumes play against 'CC Flash" et al in January.