Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mr Defense and Mr Offense Posted by Picasa

Jean 'computer analyst' crashes in Love game  Posted by Picasa

'Bunsen Burner' and 'Marlboro Man' Flamed Out Posted by Picasa

Parting is such SWEET SORROW

These are the words Titan will hear in his head as he tools down I95 on Monday as he rejoins the Florida Southern Seniors Tour for the the next three weeks. Titan managed to get (5) five sets of doubles in this day, introducing Jean 'the computer analyst' Victor (ironic, huh) to the bombast and banter that flavor all TT's matches. Titan warmed up with a few games of Canadian with George 'Chemist' and Frank 'Slats' before he and 'Slats' met the winners of the first match on Court 1. 'Computer Analyst'/Happy Jack had managed to eke out a 7-6 victory against 'Big Al' Dio Dati and 'Spindley Legs' Gessemer. However, they were no match for the tandem of TT/'Slats' as a bagel was served in 20 minutes (6-0). 'Big Al'/'Chemist' fared only slightly better dropping the first four games before bowing respectably (6-3). The duo of Titan/'Slats' continued their roll as they ran through 2 sets against 'Chemist'/'HJ' at one and two (6-1, 6-2). 'Slats' threw the 'Chemist' a bone in the finale, asking the Bunsen Burner, "Georgie, you carry the Titan this last set. I got to get ready for my afternoon matches at Amackassin. And nobody over there makes me look as good as I do here when Titan says to me, 'Just play defense, Frankie.' Needless to say, 'Slats' defense was not enough with HJ providing the offense as the Amackassin Duo fell before 'Chemist'/TT (6-2). Titan was heard to comment to 'Slats' as they left the yard, "how was that for therapy, Frankie?"

Saturday, July 16, 2005

'Pistol' and 'Pistol Packin' Mama'... meet the Lugers Posted by Picasa

'PPM' and Titan had 'em on the ropes...almost Posted by Picasa

'Not Espn' and TT celebrate "pasting" Posted by Picasa

Meet 'Pistol' and "Pistol Packin' Mama"

TennisTitan hooked up for five (5) sets of doubles this date at Kinsley. In the opener Titan paired with Happy Jack against 'Big Al' and the 'Chemist.' 'HJ' was at the top of his game this morning, serving effectively (no double faults!) and rallying very well from the backcourt as he and TT let a (4-2) lead slip away into a (4-6) defeat. 'Not Espn' Scott stepped in as TT's partner for set 2 and more than complimented Titan in leading their team to a (6-1) pasting of 'Big Al'/'Chemist.' 'Not Espn' was tenacious in game 5 as he fended off 6 breakers prior to winning the game on his first ad in opportunity. With the departure of 'Big Al,' and 'Not Espn' after that set Titan and 'Chemist' elected to invite the husband-wife team playing singles on the adjacent court to do battle in doubles. TT/'Chemist' took the first set from Lou 'Pistol' Luger and Gerri 'Pistol Packin' Mama' Luger (6-2). Titan then teamed with 'Pistol' to defeat 'Chemist'/'PPM' (6-2) in the next set. The most entertaining set followed as TT/'PPM' rallied from a (1-4) deficit to draw even at 5 games apiece. The bubble burst as TT/'PPM' dropped the ensuing two games but felt very satisfied knowing that they had thrown a scare into these boys of the Faterland in a hard fought (5-7) defeat. "There you go girl" was TT's comment as 'PPM' informed 'Pistol' that lunch was on him as they left the court.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Electrolux" helps TT avoid "common denominator" factor Posted by Picasa

"Candyman' assaulted in defeat Posted by Picasa

"Electrolux" and "Neck" in victory Posted by Picasa

A little Politicking, not much else

Your TennisTitan was probably far more successful off the court at Kinsley today than he was when he was on the court. Titan accepted an opportunity to play with 'Neck' Manzi, 'Electrolux' Ching, and Eddie 'The Candyman' Whitman in a doubles affair that coincided with Titan's invitation for the Commissioner of Parks, Mitch Tutoni, a long-time acquaintance of TT, to inspect our little jewel nestled in north Yonkers. In a pre-match conference TT made sure Mitch knew that "as a player on these surfaces over the past 12 years I know the inattention given to maintaining Kinsley as compared to other surfaces throughout the city that are often vandalized." That was my first ace. TT was not nearly as effective in the four sets played after Mitch's departure. Titan paired with 'Candyman' against 'Neck'/'Electrolux' in the first two sets and watched perplexedly as the opposition executed their game plan exceedingly well by taking their fight almost exclusively to my colleague (2-6, 1-6). This excuse certainly didn't hold up in set 3 as Titan paired with 'Electrolux' in another defeat (3-6) in which 'Candyman' excelled. Do not despair dear readers, Titan was able to leave the park happily three and one-half hours after acing Mitch. TT/'Electrolux' erased (1-4)deficit to earn a hard fought victory (7-5). Titan did not want to be "the common denominator!"

Saturday, July 09, 2005

'Chemist' with 'HJ' (Marlboro Man)

TT exhorting 'Not Espn' to carry him

No PiZAZZ today!

TennisTitan joined four of the regulars for a Saturday morning round robbin of doubles today that produced little of the spectacular play he craves when on the Kinsley Courts. Indeed, five (5) rather lopsided sets were completed in two and one-half hours that mirrored each other in outcome regardless of the partnering. In his first two matches Titan paired with 'Not Espn'; a (2-6) loss to 'Chemist'/'Koide Kid,' and a (6-1) victory over 'Chemist/'Happy Jack.' TT/'HJ' were then drubbed by 'Not Espn'/'Chemist' (1-6) and Titan ended his day with TT/'Chemist' defeating 'Not Espn'/'HJ' (6-2). 'Happy Jack' would seem to have been the common denominator in all outcomes, yet the slender "Marlboro Man" look-a-like was quick to remind the Titan as the gang of five left the field of play, "Titan, don't forget to include the first set played this morning, the one you missed so you wouldn't have to sweep the puddles from the court, the one in which me (sic)'HJ'/'Not Espn' put a hurting on 'Chemist'/'Koide Kid'(6-2). Titan sheepishly replied, "HJ,' you had more combos today than a Chinese restaurant." Jack retorted, "That's the problem TT, my combos usually are rye and ginger, gin and tonic, or a shot and beer chaser!"

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

TT, how do you spell "Dominatrix?" Posted by Picasa

Spanked, then "whipped"

The Titan was delighted to receive the unexpected call from his usual doubles partner and occasional singles adversary, 'Slats,' mid-day on this hazy, hot, humid Wednesday. "Giddy-up" retorted TT, promising to finish the household chore he was involved in post haste and meet at Kinsley in 90 minutes for at least 2 sets before the aftenoon rains moved in. Titan fell quickly behind in the opener 1-4 to the determined and more physically fit defensive specialist. TT held in the sixth game starting his run of four in a row only to be broken back by 'Slats' when TennisTitan served for the set. A brief hiccup dear readers, as Titan proceeded to win 8 of the next 9 points running his opponent's ass ragged from side to side on the baseline awaiting the inevitable 'short ball' from Frankie. That was the "spanking" (7-5)! The "whipping," every bit as effective, was administered far more quickly in that 45 second phone call 'Slats" made to his beloved Patsy. The leash was yanked in much the same way as when Titan pulls 'Slats' off the court with a big, flat forehand and then deposits the weak return into the open ad side. Except, Frankie calls that TT tactic"my therapy" as the bombastic bloviator trumpets his prowess for all the neighborhood to hear! With Patsy it was, "Come on Titan, I can only play 3 more games, let's go!" As a chastened 'Slats' left the ball yard Titan was heard to say through the meshed fence, "Frankie, do you think you can ask Patsy for an extra $2.17 next week? I only got one set out of opening a new can of balls today, you know."

Sunday, July 03, 2005

"Prosac" Chris is done! Posted by Picasa

"Electrolux" Ching ready to volley Posted by Picasa

"Caballero" Rito, "Neck" Manzi Posted by Picasa

Not Quite FedererESQUE but...

TennisTitan accepted an opportunity to hit the asphalt this date in lieu of having forfeited his usual Saturday morning game to watch the Womens Finals at Wimbledon. Titan paired with Kinsley regular Bill "Ol' Electrolux" Ching for three sets against John "The Neck" Manzi who partnered with "Prosac" Chris (6-2, 6-4) for two sets and Rito "The Caballero" (2-6) in the finale. Titan's game was fairly sharp this date. However, TT elected "not to put the pedal to the metal" against a lethargic and often overmatched "Prosac," but rather attempted to compliment "Electrolux" game as he sparred with his regular nemesis, "Neck" Manzi. These two interact like oil and water on the court and their disputes are often the most memorable part of the day, today being no exception. "Electrolux" was not crisp with his volleys at net and his column was filled with 'U.E.s' that undid his tandem as the match wore on. "Neck" framed several shots at net that turned out to be winners further enraging and undoing "Electrolux" confidence at net. By set three line call challenges were the norm, somewhat bespoiling the most equitable pairing of the day. "Caballero's" fresh legs and top spin rallies turned the tide in the critical fifth game, breaking Titan for the only time (6/7 holds) by fending off five ad-ins to start their impressive run to victory