Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Prozac Kid, Electro Lux, Lil Papi


"The Airlines do it all the time," TennisTitan was heard mumbling to himself as he left his beloved Kinsley Courts this afternoon. TT had just dropped the second of two sets played against Bill 'Electro Lux' Ching and 'Lil Papi' (2-6). Titan had accepted this afternoon's match prior to receiving the call for play at Edgemont HS for this morning. TT knew that there would "not be much gas left in the tank" after two spirited hours of play earlier today. Titan paired with Chris 'Prozac Kid.' TT/'PK' lost a well played opening set that went to the tie breaker (6-7 (3)). 'Prozac Kid' played well during today's first set, more than holding his own in the many long points played his way. Titan also acquitted himself admirably but missed a critical easy put-away down the alley that would have given TT/'PK' the first set as 6-4 victors. 'PK,' unaccustomed to tie-break play, wilted in the 13th and deciding game. Oh, how TT wanted to "play it out" as he had done successfully in this morning's barn burner of a set. No to be, Ching/Papi like to play three sets minimally. And they did. Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz stepped in for the hobbling 'bloated behemoth' in the third set and also crashed and burned (1-6) with the rapidly tiring 'Prozac Kid.' Reports have it that the fourth set was not completed because 'Lil Papi' sued for divorce from 'Electro Lux' in the 9th game unable to stand the incessant harping from Ching, who has yet to make an unforced error on the court! Or missed a call for that matter!!

"Yogi's Friends"

"Outlasted Duo"

Yogiism: "It Ain't Over Until It's Over"

"Sixty?, hey there is no speed limit or age limit that can contain the TennisTitan!" was TT's opening remark as he took the courts for the first time post his 60th birthday. Titan again teamed with Yossi 'on Israeli time' Newman for a memorable set of tennis this date. Yossi has developed a taste for victory and always seems to enjoy the ride on TT's coat tails. TennisTitan/'on Israeli time' outlasted 'Rockin' Rick' Ricci and Ed 'Triple L' Gor in an epic opening set (11-9). TT kept hope alive several times with convincing service victories at critical junctures when a break would have ended the contest. 'Triple L's' service game was at his best. 'RRR' was agile at the net and crisp with his backhand from the baseline. 'On Israeli time' was often good at net with only a few glitches that came at inopportune times to prolong the contest. TT came up with goods in the 20th game with a left handed forehand winner that left the students at Edgemont HS physical education class agape and fore ordained the break of 'Triple L' to seal the victory. A deflated 'LLL'/'RRR' could muster no resistance in set 2 as TT/Yossi cruised to a comfortable (6-2) win. The Titan was heard to say as he hustled off to his car. "I have to get home to watch my hitting partner at the French Open give me a few more tips on my trick shots. You know him - Roger Federer!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Vanquished By TennisTitan Posted by Picasa

Yossi/TT "Had It Working" Posted by Picasa

Ahem, "Not Getting Older, Getting Better"

Your Titan was at it again. TT was one of six players up at Edgemont HS this morning engaging in an all-out effort to remain young as his 6oth birthday draws near. TennisTitan and Yossi 'I'm on Israeli time' Newman teamed up for some exciting ball. 'Rockin' Rick' Ricci and Frank 'Workman' Buckley fell prey to the Titan and Yossi (6-3) in the opener. The U.S. Open-bound doubles team of 'RRR'/'Workman' were vanquished to the "singles" court with strong play by Yossi and ample support from TT, where they watched in awe as TT/'on Israeli time' held extremely tough against The 'No Baloney' man - Tony Guido - and Ed, Triple L, Gor in the second set. 'NB'/'LLL" did everything but win the set from TT/Yossi. On serve and leading throughout the entire set by one or two games, 'NB'/'LLL' could only tip their cap to TT as the Titan staved off six (6) set points to "run the clock out" and have the match end in a draw (6-6). Titan saved his "pop" on the serve for the crucial 12th game when he delivered "big time" to keep hope alive. Sweeter still was TT's non-tradional back-to-back aces to close it out as he used his folly floater successfully on consecutive first serves.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Titan, you call this hospitable?" Posted by Picasa

Joe and TT welcomed Tony to Kinsley Posted by Picasa

Welcome to Kinsley Boys!

TennisTitan joined nine of his "Morning Tennis Group" for the indoor season ending breakfast at Mont Olympos Diner and then proceeded to "eat their lunch." Oh, not quite perhaps, but the Titan and Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz induced 'Rockin' Rick' Ricci and Tony 'No Baloney' Guido to travel to Kinsley in north central Yonkers for a post-breakfast three set affair. 'GK'/TT swept the first two sets, eking out a (6-4) victory in the opener before administering a (6-1) thumping. Titan and 'GK' parted ways in the third set with Joe claiming victory along side 'RRR" in a nail biter. 'NB'/TT fell behind 1-4 only to see their rally fall short in the 10th and deciding game when 'NB's serve was broken (4-6). Winds reduced the efficiency of all the participants in varying phases of their game with the possible exception of 'GK.' Titan's service and his lobbing were way off and he shanked critical points. 'NB' put far more balls into the net than usual and 'Rockin' Rick's game was flat. Joe Cruz' serve was least affected by the winds and his volleying was crisp and sure this date, making him in TT's eyes, M.V.P. As the foursome retreated to their cars post match 'RRR' was heard to remark, "The courts are pretty nice, but the balls get very dirty on this surface." 'Gimpy Knees' responded, "TennisTitan's non-stop yakking usually blow dries/vacuums the court as we play." 'No Baloney' chipped in with, "I have an earache from playing next to Titan to go along with my indigestion... and I didn't even have my bagel today! Anyone for golf tomorrow?"

Monday, May 22, 2006

Rockin' Rick, Workman = Doubles Trouble Posted by Picasa

Tired Trio: TT,NB,LLL Posted by Picasa

U.S. Open Preview?

The Titan joined five of his mates for some fun sets of doubles this date. Frank "Workman" Buckley and 'Rockin' Rick' Ricci teamed in the first three of the four sets played under far from ideal conditions. Gusting winds added to the regularly encountered sun and shadow factors that effect the courts at Edgemont H.S. in the morning. The combination of Buckley/Ricci is an entry in the 3.5, over 45 years of age category at the 2006 U.S. Open. 'Workman'/'RRR' met with much success today sweeping all 3 contests (6-2, 6-0) against Tony 'No Baloney' Guido and Ed 'LLL' Gor that were sandwiched between a victory over TT/Yossi (6-3). The fourth set featured TennisTitan joining with Triple L to defeat 'RRR'/Yossi (6-4) who remained firmly 'on Israeli time.' The group was reminded by Triple L as they left the court that their year end (of the indoor season) breakfast is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 A.M. at the Mt. Olympus diner. To wit TT replied, "Eddie, I felt we climbed Mt. Olympus today, coming back to win the final set as we did." 'No Baloney' chimed in, "Titan, do you think I should order an edible bagel tomorrow?" 'Rockin Rick' retorted, "Tony, you were in the Alps today, I think it was Mt. Blanc!" Ed Gor said, "Titan, enough of the "L's" make sure you put a "W" next to my name today."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

No Baloney, Rockin' Rick, Triple L

Some Pain, But So Much Gain

Your Titan was still waiting for the 1000mg of Aleve to kick in last night to ease his pains from Wednesday's play when the phone rang. TT's fingers were cramping on the keyboard writing his damn blog but it had no effect on his mouth. It was 'Rockin' Rick' Ricci looking to put a game together for Thursday morning at Edgement H.S. Does a whore ever say "no"? Titan's cryptic response, "What time Rockin'? So here I am again waiting for the Aleve to kick in after four more wonderful sets played in an idylic setting under ideal conditions. TT/'Rockin' Rick took on Tony 'No Baloney' Guido and Ed 'Triple L' Gor in the first two sets. This is usually the best pairing among this foursome because 'NB' has the best skill-set to compensate for 'LLL's game. Not today Charley! Titan/'RRR" won both sets comfortably (6-2,6-2). 'RRR' has a good short game and is a strong retriever. Titan brought his 'A' game. TT was effective with a good mix of serves, both with 'pop' and placement confounding 'Triple L' and limiting 'NB's superior net play with an assortment of lobs that kept him on the defensive. In set 3 No Baloney and TennisTitan defeated 'RRR'/'LLL" (6-3). Not to be outdone, Tennistitan managed to win three games also (3-6) when the 'bloated behemoth paired with Triple L in the finale. TennisTitan is praying for rain tonight but is also considering leaving his phone off the hook!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Manila Mauler and Electro Lux


"Mauled" in Yonkers

TennisTitan hit the courts for four sets of doubles play today at Kinsley. Your Titan was one of five participants on this beautiful spring day to enjoy the new nets recently put up at his favorite city park. My taxes at work! TT paired with Bill 'Electro Lux' Ching in the first two sets against Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz and Chris 'Prozac Kid' Tyrone with mixed results. 'GK'/'PK' surprised TT/'EL' in the opener (3-6) mainly through allowing 'EL' to play error-filled ball. TT had enough in set two to overcome 'EL's erratic net play and consistent dumping of his backhand to outlast the inspired play of their adversaries (6-4). Titan had some pop on his serve (4/4 holds, 3 aces) and worked his lob most effectively against a hobbling 'GK.' Gil 'Manila Mauler' Bugayung stepped in for a tiring 'GK' for set three. 'Electro Lux,'-no fool is he - quickly opted to be at the side of the placid Filipino with the big groundies and soft hands at net. 'MM'/'EL' dominated the third and fourth sets (2-6, 3-6). 'Gimpy Knees' replaced 'Prosac Kid' in the final set, but neither he nor TT could solve the power game posed by the 'Manila Mauler.' In retrospect today's contests would probably have been most competitive had TT/'EL' remained paired throughout the day. Would 'MM's superior play and conditioning have carried the day with the tiring 'PK' in set 3, or 'GK' in set 4?. TennisTitan sure didn't!"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

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Mario 'Zippy' Zino Posted by Picasa

"Hasta lo Otro Ano"

Ta-Dah! TennisTitan returned to the Yonkers Tennis Center today for what is likely his last indoor match of this season and managed to go out in style. TT was the fifth participant to arrive for this morning's 7:30 A.M. start. On the court warming up was Hanibal 'Caballero' - the tempermental Argentinian, 'Rockin Rick' Ricci, Mario 'Zippy' Zino, (who TT had never played before) and Ed 'Lean, Lanky, Lefty' Gor. Triple L, the senior member and assignor of this players' group, had given Titan this date in lieu of Tuesday's cancellation. 'Caballero' had shown up as a replacement for 'on Israeli time' at Yossi's suggestion even though 'LLL' had called TT to play. "Too many cooks..." as the saying goes. Ed Gor sat out initially and has asked TT to "sit tomorrow." TT/'Caballero' paired for the first two sets against 'Rockin Rick'/'Zippy' and it was quite the mismatch (6-1, 6-1). Titan had it all working for him- the big serve, deep lobs and even a few crisp volleys! Caballero's strength is his volleys and quickness at the net along with an occasional big serve. The tempermental Argentinian was barely able to overcome his transparent disdain for Titan's antics because he relishes the taste of victory even more. So how great was the third set for the Titan? With 'Zippy' sitting it out, Titan paired with 'LLL' and pulled off the triple play. TT knows Triple L's game well by now and gets the most out of Ed's ability and mobility using his left handedness to maximum advantage in TT's shot placement. TT/'LLL' held tough against their more mobile adversaries breaking 'RRR' in the 11th game. How sweet it was for the Titan to serve it out (7-5) and overwhelm 'Caballero' in that last game to end his season. "Vamos muchachos, hasta lo otro ano" was TT's parting volley as he exited the court.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A 'Winner's' Smile Posted by Picasa

"TT, it was child's play!" Posted by Picasa

Even Losers Smile Posted by Picasa

The "Mouth" is Silenced!

TennisTitan got what he asked for and a bit more. Your Titan, back at Kinsley for the first time in two months, was looking forward to quality matches. He received commitments from the Slattery boys to be on hand, and with the addition of Joe 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz, the ideal foursome was set. One hitch though - TT paired with he wrong Slattery this date! Frank 'Slats' Slattery did his usual yeoman work on the court but did not have the musculature to 'carry the Titan' to victory. Titan had some good groundies, lobs, and volleys but not enough in his arsenal on the serve to get the job done. 'King' Gene Slattery had too much game for his cousin (but not the Titan), and more often than not, overwhelmed Frankie boy with his crisp volleys at net. TT/'Slats' had staged a valiant comback from 1-4 down to take the lead at 5-4 and be but 2 points away from the set when it fell apart (5-7) with determined play from 'King'/'GK'. Set two was more of the same as the tandem of TT/'Slats' fell apart at 4-4 to drop a heart breaker (4-6). Titan was chastised by 'Slats' as they left the court defeated with "TT, you retired four years ago, you don't have to do it (reTIRE) again in the 9th game of every damn set I play with you!" Titan retorted, "Slats' you get but one chance to win a point against these guys. Like when Patty says 'put away the groceries at home,' YOU HAVE GOT TO PUT AWAY THAT FIRST VOLLEY!"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

CC Flash: The Swagger of a Victor Posted by Picasa