Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Delpotro Moment

"I'll tell you this Prez, my pride hurts a damn lot more than my back at this time" a sullen TennisTitan whimpered as he sat on the bench at the Law Clay Tennis Courts in Briarcliff Manor this afternoon. TT had just endured the ignominy of a double defeat to Rich 'Prezidente' Presioso. Your 'bloated behemoth' was determined to test out his aching back and suffered devastating loses to an opponent that he seldom had difficulty dominating. Titan could generate no power on his serve or groundies. Every step toward the ball was accompanied by a stiletto to the sacroiliac. 'Prez' showed an uncanny ability to get balls back in play that heretofore were unplayable. "Titan, I not only shed thirty (30) pounds from my svelte frame this summer, but with today's (4-6, 3-6) whipping of your lard ass, I figured I just got another, what, 230 pounds of 'heaping hubris' off my back. Next time you deign to travel to northern Westchester be prepared to run and hit a second shot." As 'Prez' sped off in his 45K Mercedes convertible he shouted to the forlorn figure lumbering lethargically toward his used Hyundai, he fired his only ace of the day, "Every other time you show up, you beat me, and I wind up paying for lunch at Squires. Today I made you my squire and I ate your lunch!"

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