Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Woe Is Me

"It was like watching paint dry" cried TennisTitan to the old woman walking her dog as he got in his car. TT was so frustrated with the pace of play today at Kinsley he bailed after only one set, instead of the promised two. Losing that hard fought set (4-6) made it all the easier to depart and turn the reins over to Bill 'Electro Lux' Ching for the remainder of the day. Titan arrived promptly (for him) five minutes late for the promised one o'clock start. He endured a 20 minute warm up from the bench as Chris 'Prosac Kid' Tyrone and TT's eventual partner Vladimir 'Russkie' Kartsev hit in the oppressive 93 degree heat. John 'Neck' Manzi's 25 minutes of stretching exercise was followed by "Tom I need five minutes of hitting" - that somehow became became fifteen - before TT struck three balls to conclude the warm up. First serve at 1:38PM. The set itself was decent, if not the outcome. 'Russkie' has no touch at net, racket control, or ball anticipation. That said, he was still a significant contributor in TT/'Russkie's erasing a 1-4 deficit to knot the contest at four games apiece against 'Prosac Kid'/'Neck.' The Russian emigree could not hold his serve in the critical ninth game. The 'bloated behemoth' failed to convert at 4-5, 30 -40, and at ad out, in the tenth and final game. At 2:40PM, with the teams meeting at net, TT remarked, "Lads, we played 10 games in 30 minutes, we had 5 changeovers take another 32 minutes, now give me 1 miute to take these pictures and I'll get my sweaty ass out of here. As the 'lumbering loudmouth' headed to the exit 'Russkie' chortled, "Titan, would never make it in the USSR. Our 5 Year Plans were always 10." 'Prosac Kid' yelled, "Hey, take another Lexapro when you get home. You'll feel better."

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