Monday, August 03, 2009

Singular Trouble

"Hey Poppa, remember... different county, different court, but same opponent equals same result" quipped Jeff Briscoe at the conclusion of his one set defeat of his ol' man in front of his three adoring children at Port Charlotte Beach Park. "Consider it a new axiom of your life dad, 'Big Daddy means even bigger problems for you on the court.' Indeed, 'Big Daddy' continued his recent dominance of the Titan in the sweltering mid-afternoon heat (93 degrees) at the nearby tennis facility on the banks of the sprawling Charlotte Harbor. The combatants struggled to a four-all tie before 'BD' responded to his own break of serve with a break of the 'sluggish septuagenarian' and an easy hold of the tenth and final game (4-6). The undaunted senior citizen surrounded by his three grandchildren chanting 'Poppa when can we get ice cream', cackled at net, "Jeff next time we play I won't be giving you 48 hours to rest up after you have moved before we meet on the court." To wit the 'brazen barrister' replied, "Nope 4 to 8 minutes should be enough."

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