Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Mixed Bag

"I'm making jambalaya for dinner tonight. So what'd you expect on the court this morning?" commented the 'boisterous blowhard' to a chuckling Carl 'Speedy Legs' Gessman at the conclusion of play at Kinsley this morning. 'Speedy Legs' had just teamed with Father Tony Ekanem and put a hurtin' on the Titan and Mike 'not so stellar' Stella (1-6). The 'Cagey Cleric'/'SL' had dropped their previous set to the Joe ' Gimpy Knees' Cruz and Chris 'Prosac Kid.' The 'bloated behemoth' got his only victory of the day with a (6-4) triumph over Bob 'Kraut' Kluge/'not so stellar 'Stella when 'Lil Papi' made a surprise visit to Saturday tennis and paired with TT. Also making an unexpected return to the friendly confines was Rich 'Prezidente' Prezioso. The former Lincoln HS health educator brought an unusually strong game with him that complimented his newly trimmed and svelte physique. Teaming with TennisTitan in the opening set 'Prez' didn't go into choke-mode until the twelfth and final game (5-7) against the tandem of the Georges; 'Teacher' Febles and 'Chemist' Hauss. As the group of twelve players convened at net fellow former Lincoln High educator Frank 'Slats' Slattery exhorted, "Tell him 'Prez.' You're in the same boat as (Principal) Tangredi was. Where's your partner today? In '94, it was where's my psychologist ?" 'Big Al' DioDati quipped, "Back then he was on the tennis courts. Today Tom Bristol was nowhere to be found!"

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