Thursday, August 13, 2009

Housekeeping Duties

"Electro Lux, it's not a problem. I just reverse the motor and blow my opponents off the court" chortled the TennisTitan at the conclusion of his play at Kinsley this afternoon. The 'bombastic blowhard' was in rare form this day teaming first with Bill 'Electro Lux' Ching (6-3) and then with George 'Teacher' Febles (6-4) in handing a double defeat to John 'The Neck' Manzi. The Neck was stretched to the limit in set one in his attempt to stave off the looping lobs from the 'lumbering Lothario' when he paired with 'Lil Papi' the Ecuadorian Mosquito. Titan deposited winner after winner in the far corner over the 5'5" South American making the 'Neck' hot under the collar. Fast Eddie 'the Candyman' Whitman stepped in for 'Lil Papi' for the second set but was unable to put sufficient starch in the 'Neck's game to overcome their five games to one deficit. The 'Teacher,' adept in his defensive style of play and on target with his volleys was a tremendous support to the 'tiring tortoise' in their second set victory. At net during picture time the 'Teacher' was particularly instructive. "John, el Gigante is muy bueno, pero el profesor mejor de todos!" Bill 'Electro Lux' Ching piped up, "John, you saw the way Titan cleaned up the puddles on the court so we could play. He brings a roller, squeegee and a broom. Is it any wonder he vacuumed you off a dry court?"

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