Tuesday, August 18, 2009

They're Depressed, Not Me

"Titan, next time call me to substitute when I can be your teammate" complained the 'Prosac Kid' upon completion of the action at Kinsley this afternoon. Chris had been called with the first set at 6-5 in games and served the 12th game and held for the departed Vladimir 'Russkie' Kartsev. The 'Prosac Kid' held serve to force the tiebreak he and 'Big Al' Diodati dropped to TennisTitan/George 'Teacher' Febles (7-6 [1]). 'Teacher' struggled with his backhand half volley through much of the afternoon but eliminated his errors in the breaker and returned to form in his second set pairing with the 'pedantic prevaricator.' Your 'immobile minotaur' turned in a solid performance in the muggy, mid-90's weather that baffled the 'Italian Stallion' and had his Mexican cohort shouting 'Ole amigo, Gigante, usted es un gran jugador de tenis" at the completion of their (6-3) rout of 'PK'/'Big Al.' When the foursome met at net 'Big Al' lamented, "Boisterous Blowhard' how is it that you play better on a hot afternoon than you do on cooler Saturday mornings." 'Teacher' quipped, "Titan knows how to pick his partners." 'Prosac Kid' responded "Lexapro! TennisTitan plays like a pro when at Kinsley. He must be taking Lucy's medication on the sneak."

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