Sunday, August 02, 2009

Say It but... SAY-it-WELL

"Titan, at least I can be assured a Saywell will come home victorious" opined Jim 'Super Angler' Saywell at Blue Crab Key as he left the tennis courts. Your 'bloviating blowhard' had somehow coaxed Jim's two college aged sons and their fellow Ohioan pal 'Mangrove Mike' Kelley into a late afternoon doubles match at BCK. TT paired with the 'Dayton Flyer,' Jim Saywell against younger brother, 'Tarpon Tom' Saywell and 'Mangrove Mike' for three highly entertaining and spirited sets. Your 'pedantic prevaricater' was unable to contain the 'Dayton Flyer's unbridled tendency to over hit in the first set resulting in their (4-6) setback in the opener. But the tide turned in sets two and three as the 'Flyer' flew around the rectangle covering the baseline side to side and played with some restraint. With 'Ozzie Osprey' eyeing the action from the 'R' building roof top and 'Edgar Egret' pruning the grass adjacent to the courts for insects, the TT/'Flyer' tandem soared to dominating victories (6-2, 6-3) to close out the action. As the weary combatants retreated to the pool to refresh themselves 'Tarpon Tom' quipped, "The 'Flyer' can sometimes get the best of me on land, but it's never happened on Pine Island Sound - whether on Dad's boat or in the canoe!" Mike turned to the Titan and said, "Get it right next time you write the blog. I caught a 100 lb Tarpon at the pass, not these guys. They're the 'Snapper Saywell's'

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Jim said...

Dayton Flyer Jim Saywell here.

What a game! WHAT a game!!! The Titan and I teamed up against the young bloods and prevailed in a HOT Pine Island afternoon game. Overconfidence from the team of Tarpon Tom and Mangrove Mike coupled with the WILL TO WIN exhibited from the Titan and the Flyer meant yet another victory for TT. The Titan was an excellent teacher as he helped me work through my tendency to overhit that little yellow ball that looked oh-so-big when it was hit over by the defensive Mike and Tom.

All in all, I am looking forward to the next time that I get the honor to play with a true Tennis Titan. Thanks Titan and see you on the court soon!