Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thirsting for a Victory.

"EBL, I don't have to remind you, do I?" beamed the TennisTitan. "What do you mean TT?" interjected an exasperated Max 'Tutor' Tuchman. "It's all about me, always was, always will be" retorted the 'bragadocious blowhard.' "Why else would I write this stupid blog these past seven years?" "Yeah, but even the Politburo couldn't get away with your lies in the old Soviet Union" quickly added the 'esoteric emigre,' Vladimir 'Russkie' Kartsev. It was picture time at the YTC and the 'porcine prevaricator' was grasping for a reasonable rationale. "Max, we had the first set (4-6) against 'EBL'/'Russkie' had you not misplayed our one opportunity at break point in the ninth game to go up 5-4 by catching flies in your mouth as you let the 'Tullyville Trolley's lob fall two feet behind you." "Titan, you said you wanted to play with Bill "Energizer Bunny Legs" Tully in the second set because you tweaked your 'new nitwit knee" opined 'Tutor.' "You mean it was really my poor play?" "Nah, Max, it's simple. 'EBL' was wearing my Pepsi shirt. I already was a part of that first set victory. I just wanted to legitimize that I actually won a set (6-1). And remember, 'Pepsi is for those who think young' (but not necessarily clearly)."

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