Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Bird in the Hand...

"Titan, you are so bush league, don't flap your wings as hard as you flap that mouth of yours. You played better but you still run like an emu" an embarrassed and chastened Frank 'Slats' Slattery mumbled under his breath as he exited the court. 'Slats' and 'Not Espn' Stuart Scott had let a three to one lead get away in the opening set against the 'aging antagonistic avian' and Rich 'Dozin' Docent' Gerchak. The (6-4) victory was particularly sweet for the 'bombastic bloviator' because the 'boisterous bullshitter' had a full audience on three adjacent courts where contemporaneous doubles matches were being played. "You chirp more that a cockatoo when you're winning, TennisTitan, but we don't hear a peep from the 'pontificating provocateur' when you're pissing away leads" cackled 'el Prezidente,' Rich Preziozo, released for the first time this season from his tony Briarcliff hen house this beautiful Saturday at Yonkers Kinsley Park. 'TT'/'Dozin'Docent' continued their dominance (6-2) in a second set when 'Happy Jack' Carey paired with 'Not Espn.' A third set, tied at 3-3, between 'HJ'/'TT versus ''DD/'Not Espn' ended because of Stuart's dizziness. As the group gathered for pictures at departure time, 'Happy Jack' suggested that maybe Stu fell ill because he was tired of hearing the Titan parrotting the same trite comments throughout the entire morning. A dazed 'Not Espn' responded, "It's only a mynah part of my problem." "You guys were sitting ducks for me this morning" crowed the 'delighted dodo." "Don't you mean 'dildo" chuckled Bob 'Kraut' Kluge. "Toucan play that game, don't insult my partner, you gaggling German goose" interjected the 'Dozin Docent.' "Don't have a canary over this 'idiot idler!" cawed 'el Prezidente, "Shit, I mean skeet, I shoot clay pigeons at my gun club. Titan just treats all his opponents like we're parakeets in the cage of his mindless ideas." "Thank God he writes a blog and doesn't tweet" dead panned George 'Chemist' Hauss.

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