Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Teutonic Tirade

'Now do you get the picture, Titan!" 'Der Klugemeister' was angry. He didn't appreciate the criticism leveled at him in Saturday's blog by the 'bombastic blowhard.' "That was doubles, today you overstepped your ability in trying to play me singles." Bob 'Kraut' Kluge had a lot to crow about after laying a double defeat on the 'egotistical idiot.' "Which was more painful?" quipped the 'arrogant Aryan' to the 'masochistic malcontent.' "Was it the delicious bagel (0-6) I served you in the opener? I personally preferred wrenching that almost victory out of your hands (5-7) in the nightcap. Know why? I love to see a grown man cry before he whines his way through the blog." "But I do give you some credit. We couldn't get a doubles commitment from flaky Prozac or that weasel, the anonymous Gas-Man, so you couldn't call 'Slats' to be your legs. At least you showed up...if only for the second set!

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