Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Second City

"So Titan, you did show up" greeted Bob 'Kraut' Kluge as the 'blogging bullshitter' sauntered into Kinsley this afternoon. It was more of the same conditions today that had wrecked havoc during yesterday's play at the ball yard which had caused TT to depart after one set. The 25-30 mph gusting, swirling winds today were compounded by a cloudless, clear sky, unlike Wednesday's overcast weather, that made Mr. Sun a significant factor in the action. The Teutonic Duo of 'Kraut' and Carl the 'anonymous Gas Man' had the better of the elements in the opening set (3-6) against TT/Frank 'Slats' Slattery. Neither the 'pusillanimous pedant' or the 'confabulating counselor' were able to handle the wind aided additional pace on the returns of their hard hitting adversaries. TennisTitan readily acceded to a change of venue from court 1 to court 4 for the second set that took away the impact the shadows had created by the sun shining through the overhanging tree limbs in the opener. 'Der Klugemeister' and his partner, the 'acrobatic accordionist,' were out on a limb in the second set (6-4) because they did not have enough schuplattler to get the job done. 'Kraut' quipped as the foursome met at net, "Titan, remember I lived in the Windy City for three years recently, so I expected to WIN in these conditions!" To wit 'Slats' replied, "Then, Bobby, you should also know Chicago's other nickname - that's what I am all about when I partner with the Titan.

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