Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Canine Commentary

A hush fell over the teenagers sneaking their cigarettes in the adjoining parking lot. Play stopped on the adjacent court as two Asian women bowed in homage toward the jubilant 'bearded behemoth' screaming his own praises. The TennisTitan had successfully held on to defeat Rob 'Jersey Bomber' Briscoe in their first set at Middletown North HS this evening. TT had raced out to a 5 games to one lead before 'JB' got his legs under him to come storming back to knot the set at five. But the magic left the Tinton Falls hacker just as quickly. The 'Bomber' lost the eleventh game at love and then proceeded to double fault twice as he served to stay in the match (7-5). The unsympathetic 'irksome uncle' quipped to his 'naughty nephew' as play began in the second set, "Rob, that choke you pulled to finish yourself off in the first set must remind you of 'Bear,' your dog. It was like there was a collar I had around your neck and I decided to pull on it." However the 'bombastic blowhard' was unable to withstand the 'Jersey Bomber's late rally in the second set, frittering away his early break, then dropping serve at four games apiece, enabling the 'Monmouth man' to earn a (4-6) victory over his 'unctuous uncle.' As the opponents met at net the 'Jersey Bomber' unloaded one final bomb. "When I harnessed my serve, and I unleashed my ground strokes, you might as well have been at dog obedience school, Titan. Tully and O'Reilly would have enjoyed seeing you with your tongue hanging out, slobbering down your beard, begging for a treat - a soft second serve or a double fault. You got nothing! Now go back to Yonkers with your tail between your legs."

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