Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tired and Re-Tired

"Now I get it Titan. I must be slow. You know, like you are on the court" responded Bob 'Kraut' Kluge at the end of play this raw spring afternoon at Kinsley. Bobby Boy had accepted the challenge of being TennisTitan's partner in his third and final set as the light drizzle continued to fall. 'Kraut' had dominated during his first 2 sets when he had Chris 'Prozac Kid' Tyrone at his side. 'Kraut'/'PK' had hammered (6-1) John 'The Neck' Manzi and Vladimir 'Russkie' Kartsev in the opener and followed that with a decisive (3-6) victory over 'The Neck'/TT. "But Bob, you had a good rest watching the tandem of 'petulant pedagogue'/'The Neck' crush 'Prozac Kid'/'Russkie' (6-0)," Titan reminded the disgruntled German at the days conclusion. 'Kraut' had done his utmost to close out his day in perfect form but could not do the necessary heavy lifting to get 'TT'/'Kraut' past 'Prozac Kid/'The Neck' (4-6) in the afternoon's truncated (no-ad) finale. 'Der Klugemeister' rejected Titan's whine: "Nine sets in less than three days! I'm tired. I can't run. I am so tired from yesterday and the day before that it can be said that I am ReRe-tired!" (And happily so for more than 7 years).

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