Thursday, June 11, 2009

"There (h)Ego(e)s Again"

TennisTitan joined Bill 'Electro Lux' Ching in a (6-2) victory against John 'Neck' Manzi and Chris the 'Prosac Kid' in the only set played to completion at the Yonkers Tennis Center. The 'motormouth monster' had it all working this afternoon leaving his adversaries scratching their heads unaccustomed to seeing such dominance from the 'bearded blatherer' and his partner considering setting up a rocking chair on court. This is not to say that TT was not heavily physically taxed. 'Electro Lux' can no longer serve and covers less ground than the 'bloated blowhard.' TT held service successfully four times, covered 'Electro Lux' backhand side impeccably on defense and lasered the backhand corner with unstoppable approach shots. 'SuperBillie Boy' Ching finished so often at net with easy put-away volleys that he had to remind the Titan, "easy, Big Guy, I'm trying not to lift my right arm over my head - cardiologists orders." As the foursome met at net the 'Neck' commented, "Titan - only contribute $10, not $15 for today's indoor session since I was delayed 30 minutes getting here. Same for you 'Prosac' and 'Electro Lux.' To wit 'SuperBillieBoy' answered, "John, consider the $25 you will now pay in court time fees a good investment. You attended a tennis clinic -TennisTitan style!

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