Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweating One Out

"Titan, you were damn near out of potential partners" quipped George 'Chemist' Hauss as the rain began to fall in earnest mid-day at Kinsley Park. 'Chemist' was the last of TT's three mates in the four sets the 'immobile minotaur' participated this date. Titan paired with 'Big Al' DioDati in his opening (3-6) loss to the 'Chemist'/'Speedy Legs' Gessman. Then the 'truculent troubadour' moved his moribund act to the challengers court wherein he teamed with newbie 'Handy Andy' Gilbert. The combo of 'Big Al'/Frank 'Slats' Slattery overwhelmed the 'pedantic panderer' and 'Handy Andy' (1-6). Next, stepping on to the court to deflate the 'flatulent fathead'/'Handy Andy' tandem were 'Dave the Rave' and Mike 'not so stellar' Stella who put another (3-6) hurtin' on the Titan team. With the departures of 'Slats,' 'Speedy Legs,' 'not so stellar' there were now no winners willing to adopt the 'languid loser' for one final set. 'Big Al' opined "Titan, I got that loser's taste out of my mouth when I played with 'Slat's' against you. Rich 'Prezidente' Prezioso similarly begged off with, "I've already lost two sets, I don't need to be a three time loser, 'mendacious malcontent.' That said 'Chemist' stepped up. "Titan I didn't show the past two Saturdays at Kinsley. You're with me now because I deserve to be punished." Bob 'Kraut' Kluge snickered "my back hurts already anyway. I'd rather team with 'Dave the Rave' than the 'bloated behemoth.' The (7-5) victory eked out by 'Chemist'/TT over the 'Rave' and Der Klugemeister was especially sweet, if not pretty.

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