Thursday, June 18, 2009


"You better make that something stronger" quipped the TennisTitan to his partner Max 'Tutor' Tuchman at the end of today's play at the Yonkers Tennis Center. TT was reacting to 'Tutor's comment of earlier in the day that no matter how badly he and the 'bombastic blowhard' were defeated by Bill 'Energizer Bunny Legs' Tully and 'Big Al' Diodati he would still savor his two glasses of wine at dinner with his beloved Sandy. The maven of Dobbs Ferry and the peripatetic psychologist gave it all they had but still came up short in their (2-6, 3-6, 1-2 partial) losses. 'EBL' blanketed the net, fully anticipating every return made by the 'Tutor.' The Titan's inability to cover the short cross court return from 'EBL' prompted 'Big Al' to parry "Max would you like me to stand on the other side of the net and cover that shot for the 'bloated braggart?" Potential winner after winner was denied either by 'EBL's incredible court coverage or 'Big Al's commanding reach or reflex volley into the open court. As the teams converged at net Tully opined, "Hey we're all winners today to be even playing. Yonkers is getting 2 inches of rain and we had a hell of a good time for $52 of court time." Max retorted "for $52 I could be drinking campaign tonight." 'Big Al' ended the discussion with "Campaign is for winners. Have some Kedem. I understand it's kosher."

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