Friday, June 19, 2009

Going 'Postal'

"I am used to carrying a sack of mail through the street, not lugging a lard-ass loser on an asphalt tennis court" lamented the crest fallen letter carrier realizing that he had missed his opportunity for a sweep of the days action. TennisTitan had taken to the outdoor courts at Kinsley today, taking no chance that tomorrow's regularly scheduled game might be a rain out and it'd be a weekend without tennis. TT joined Frank and Gene Slattery and newbie 'Paulie the Merry Mailman' in four high quality sets of tennis. TT/'Merry Mailman opened the afternoon's action with a dominating (6-2) drubbing of the cousins Slattery. 'Slats' and Titan switched partners for the second and third sets. "Titan, I don't have enough postage on my return" was Frank 'Slats' Slattery's rationale. The 'Merry Mailman' continued to elevate his game as the afternoon progressed and significantly outplayed his opponents. 'MM' serves with pace and his ground strokes offer movement and great depth. 'King' Gene Slattery and 'braggadocios bullshiter' could only muster winning rallies against the more tepid returns of 'Slats' in their (3-6, 2-6) manhandling. The final set brought the original pairings back together again to conclude this three hour marathon. Cousins Slattery withstood 'MM's opportunity to serve it out at 6-5 rallying to take the final set (6-8). As the foursome met at net to plan another match in the future 'King' Gene remarked, "Paulie, you still have a first class game." Titan interjected "Gene, make it a priority to control your backhand volley. And Frankie, your serve is strictly parcel post!" In unison the trio turned to Titan and retorted: "You should be certified crazy. And all your returns - receipt requested."

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