Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Dose of His Own Medicine

"Titan, give 'Pistol' a break; he's been on the Disabled List for three weeks for Christ sake" hollered Rich 'Prezidente' Prezioso at the conclusion of play this morning at Kinsley as the rain increased in intensity cancelling any thoughts of a rubber set. Titan was whining that his partner didn't bring his Luger to the court but rather a shotgun with loads and loads of buckshot. Indeed, Lou 'Pistol' Gerencser fired nothing but blanks especially at net during his and TT's split of two sets (6-4, 4-6) against the tandem of 'Prez' and Bob 'Kraut' Kluge. The 'bloated behemoth' acquitted himself well considering his having logged five plus hours of intense doubles play over the previous two days. "No aches and pains today? 'truculent tortoise'" queried 'Slats' from the the adjacent court. 'Chemist' then quipped, "The bombastic blowhard's always a pain." 'Big Al' contributed, "he makes my ears ache." 'Dave the Rave' giggled "Because Titan's here I'm having fun." Gerencser, a retired pharmacist, acknowledged at plays conclusion "I know Titan, I have to take my medicine in today's blog. I doled it out enough in my 35 year career. Anyway I'm getting worse treatments nowadays than anything you can say about my game." 'Kraut' interjected "Yeah, you'll also get the typical side affects from the blog - headache, nausea and indigestion." 'Prez' finished it off with his only winner of the day: "Titan's already got diarrhea of the mouth!

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