Monday, April 07, 2014

Stretching the truth

"I can't believe it, Titan. You did it to me again. A clean sweep (2-2-3). I am ready to burn my USTA card" frumped 'Rockin' Rick Ricci. "I've been trying to win a set from you in singles the past ten years and just can't seem to do it." "Rick, you are in very select company" responded the Titan. "You mean the guys at Kinsley and at the Yonkers Tennis Center who tolerate your bullshit and agree to play singles against an opponent who talks incessantly during the match" retorted 'RRR.' "No, guys who've never beaten me, but won't even call me for a match anymore." "Your a charter member for sure, Ricky, but you haven't given up hope. You called me for this match." My buddy in Tarpon, George 'Genealogist' Pratt has eight years of frustration under his belt; you'd come in second place with a 'decade of destruction' offered the 'bloviating blowhard.' "You mean there is a bigger patsy than me out there in your blogosphere" responded the 'incredulous Italian.' "Rick, he's another paesano. That's why I call him 'El Prezidente' in the blog. Rich 'Prez' Prezioso has been playing me since '92 back in our Lincoln HS days. He's 0 for two decades. I think he lost my phone number in '11."

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