Saturday, April 26, 2014


"Sometimes we just shouldn't get out of bed" lamented the 'loathsome loud mouth.' That's about all TennisTitan could muster after he got his comeuppance along with partner 'Rockin' Rick Ricci.  The pair of (3-6,3-6) defeats administered by George 'Deli man' Hauss and 'Happy Jack' Carey put a damper on what had already been a damp day at Kinsley Park. Overnight rains had the six players expend precious energy (in Titan's case at least) preparing the courts for play. 'Happy Jack' while dragging on his post match cigarette as if it was fine champagne observed, "Titan, as soon as I saw you walking Tully and your laborious efforts picking up his dog crap, I knew you'd play like shit yourself." An inquisitive 'RRR' pressed 'HJ' for an explanation. "Rock, when the Titan has to use the frame of his racket to steady himself to bend over because he can't flex his knees, George and I knew that there was no way he'd get to a ball at his feet or out of his strike zone." "Did you ever think Jack that I was conserving my energy so I could enjoy my 50th High School reunion tonight" retorted the 'immobile Minotaur.'

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