Saturday, April 19, 2014

Master of Disaster

"Lethargic Libertine! That's what you should call yourself" offered the 'testy Teuton. Bob 'Kraut' Kluge paired with TennisTitan in an unevenly played first set and managed to eke out a (6-4) triumph despite the desultory, ineffective play of the 'bloated behemoth' beside him.The set contained marvelous rallies displayed between 'Big Daddy' Dave Lipscomb and 'Der Klugemeister' who exchanged powerful groundies from the baseline.  In stark contrast were the error laden balls misplayed by the Titan and the equally inept 'Rockin' Rick Ricci. After the set the 'Kraut' relinquished his spot to Jim 'Leaping Lefty' Marone making a rare appearance at Kinsley. 'Kraut' claimed fatigue from a a cold but it was clear to the onlookers that he had a serious case of 'titanitis' which demanded rest. TT and the 'Leaping Lefty' dropped the ensuing set (4-6) to George 'Deli man' Hauss and 'RRR.'  The 'Rock' reminded Titan and picture time that 'sometimes it's time to quit when you can't play to even your low standards."

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