Thursday, November 21, 2013

A failure to deliver..

"But Al 'it's not over until the fat lady sings' was TennisTitan's pathetic response to a disconsolate 'Big Al' Diodati's forlorn look as he sat on the bench awaiting the inevitable end of match picture. "We were coming back from a 2-5 deficit in the final set and had it (4-5 love -30), well on our way to breaking when time ran out" pleaded the 'loathsome loud mouth.'  "But 'insufferable idiot' responded the 'Italian Stallion,' you had dominated the opposition when you had had Max Tutor.Tuchman (6-2) and Vladimir 'Russkie' Kartsev (6-1) as partners in the first two sets. You promised me a victory. Why did your game desert you when I was your partner, queried the 'officious octogenarian'.?" The 'Russian Bear' interjected "In the old Soviet Union our leaders were men like the Titan, 'boisterous buffoons,' always making promises they never intended to keep. To wit the 'sagacious septuagenarian' a taunting 'Tutor' replied, "Vlad, that seems to be the problem we have here in America now. And, by the way Al, you can keep your partner, period! And to think we both voted for that 'inept incompetent' twice."

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