Friday, November 15, 2013

"When the time is right' says the ad

"Well I have been known to have had an occasional breakfast at the Mont Olympus diner on Central Park Avenue" was TennisTitan's deadpanned response to the praise lavished on him by Bob 'Kruat' Kluge following TT/'Kraut's double victory (6-4, 6-0) over George 'deli-man' Hauss and Frank 'Slats' Slattery. "You played like a veritable Greek god today, 'exalted egotist,' remarked a 'flummoxed Frank.' "He must be on steroids" interjected his 'Tuetonic teammate.' "Six weeks without playing a set in Florida and he dominates us with his play today" said a 'doleful deli man,' I suspect 'testosterone therapy' continued the 'coddling counselor.' Indeed, TennisTitan could do no wrong at the Andrus courts this date. Power serves, razor sharp returns, deft volleys coming off his racket like never seen before. The sine non qua that proved the Titan's unfettered prowess was TT/'Slats' (4-3 partial) effort in the truncated finale over 'Kraut'/'Deli man.' Fittingly, Titan ended the contest's tie breaker with a hard nonreturnable serve to 'Der Klugemeister.' "And remember 'V' is not only for Victory, but Viagra too" offered the 'vacuous vociferant' as he stood erect and then packed up his dog. "Two hours on the court or two minutes in bed. Sex was never this good," the group agreed as they headed to their cars.

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