Saturday, November 16, 2013

Getting Cut Down to size

"At least it was a beautiful day" offered Rockin' Rick Ricci in his attempt to soothe TennisTitan's disappointment in dropping both sets (3-6, 3-6) to 'RRR and Chris 'I-Man' Ikhigbonomarem at Kinsley this delightful fall morning.'Titan, you can't expect to play as well against "I-Man" as you did against me and 'Slats' yesterday; his game is at another level" sympathized George 'Deli man Hauss.' "But, how about me - and my game" interjected the 'Rock.' "Your play 'was lights out today' agreed the former 'Chemist' turned 'sandwich maker.' "The only way we would have won against these two this morning is if I invoked the old 'Deli man's' trick" observed George, "And what's that?" queried my 'Nigerian Nightmare.'  "Thumb on the scale as you weigh the cold cuts." "Anyhow Titan, you already cheat with your bad calls" giggled 'Rockin' Rick.

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