Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Painful Lesson

"Sorry Joe, there's nothing humorous about the way we played" was the Titan's response. "No way we can beat these guys if you have a sub par day at the net, not with the way I play. There are too few winners in my arsenal.  You must be able to volley effectively for us to have a chance. I can maintain an 8-10 ball rally from the back court most times, but when you or 'Slats' are my partner the strategy is always to cross and win the point on the first volley " 'Gimpy Knees' Cruz and TennisTitan were barely competitive (2-6, 2-6) against Frank 'Slats' Slattery and Bob "Kraut' Kluge at Andrus Park. "I don't have enough talent to carry the day against any of you three guys unless my partner plays at his best" whined the 'whimpering wuss.' 'Slats' interjected, "Titan, your strategy worked perfectly today. It was so much fun poaching your rallies with 'Der Klugemeister. You certainly helped me play at my best. It's like you were my partner too."

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