Saturday, September 28, 2013

Changing of the Guard

"Titan, now you can go to Florida knowing that you'll be remembered for something" giggled Frank 'Slats' Slattery. "You mean as a 'winner' retorted TennisTitan after he and the 'coddling counselor' had finished off Stuart 'not ESPN' Scott and George 'ex Chemist' Hauss (6-1) in today's finale. "No, not as a winner, but as a party pooper" chimed in 'Happy Jack' Carey. "We finally add the 'Chemist' as an always available player with his retirement yesterday and you go and beat him with me at your side twice, three consecutive sets (6-4, 6-2) exclaimed 'not ESPN.' The first order of business is 'I want a new nickname' commented George. The sobriquet 'ex Chemist' just doesn't ring true. How about 'Deli Man' recognizing my wicked side slice serve, and back spin dropper" added the 'ribald retiree'. "I was thinking more along the lines of 'cheeky coach' stated 'Happy Jack,' but then I realized  George 'up 'YOURS!' Hauss has a meaning all in Kinsley would understand about your game.

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