Thursday, September 06, 2012

Jaspers Jolted

"They may remove your pictures from the yearbook, would be my guess" offered Frank 'Slats' Slattery at  the conclusion of play at Kinsley this morning. "What is a Jasper, I mean besides a beaten tennis player" contributed Stuart 'not Espn' Scott. The boys had ample reason to gloat coming off dominant performances (0-6, 4-6, 3-4 partial) against TennisTitan and fellow '68 Manhattan College graduate, Rich 'el Prezidente' Prezioso. "We just couldn't get untracked. After losing the first eight games we held our own and might have one that third set hadn't 'not Espn' faltered" rationalized the 'maven of Briarcliff Manor.' "Faltered! He tripped over his own feet. You know he has balance issues" re-posited 'Slats.' "You mean he wasn't laughing at our inability to return anything he got his racket on" rejoined the 'bloated blowhard.' "Stu's play was so strong today that I think they should show it during rain delays at the Open" opined 'Slats.' "That's a bit much 'Slats,' let's just say 'Prez' and I are thankful Stuart doesn't wear New Balance Sneakers 'cause we'd have most likely lost that third set too" whined the 'wilted wimp.'

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