Saturday, September 01, 2012

Half a Loaf

"Titan, look at it this way. You served with so much pace, 'Big Al' didn't have a chance to make the correct call and 'Dave the Rave' stands at the baseline watching the server, not the serve, and has no idea of his responsibilities" Carl the 'anonymous Gas Man'  stated attempting to placate the still distraught TennisTitan as the teams departed Kinsley. The (4-6) defeat of TT/anon. Gas Man rankled the 'libertine lout' no end. "Our comeback form love -3 was negated by that egregious non call' on my serve that was out my 2 inches continued the 'whining wimp.' "Titan, take solace in the (6-4) opening set triumph you enjoyed with Leila 'lithesome lady' dela Cruz" over her husband, Rudy the 'flippin' Filipino' and 'Dave the Rave'' responded the player once known as 'Spindly Legs.' 'Dave the Rave' has got issues with you - you know with his outright refusal to join the fun taking pictures. Hell, he's played here 3 years and never contributed a can of balls or extended himself to make a Canadian game a double match because of lame excuses." "Carl, right on! I'd rather talk about that 'fantastic Filipina's play at net anyway. She bandaged my wounded ego and aching calf muscle with her play at net. "

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