Friday, May 03, 2013

What Exile?

"Titan, I will always come back to haunt you -and I said 'haunt,' - not taunt, - that's your thing." "My racket does my talking on the court" Gene (ever the) 'King' Slattery chided the TennisTitan at the completion of play at Andrus Park this date.  "My Liege, it's been two years since you graced a court that I stood on with your presence. You do me great honor" retorted the 'truculent taunter.' "Don't lay it on so thick" interjected Frank 'Slats' Slattery, "we only manged to take the middle set (6-2) against the 'King' and Rich 'Condor' Condon. "The (6-8, 3-6) losses that bookended our victory were credible performances, but losses nonetheless" cousin Frank assuaged the 'King.' "I know that 'Slats,' do you think I wanted to depose the 'King' by winning all three sets? Then I'd be King." "This ain't checkers, Titan. You can't even jump over the net" quipped the'Condor.' "Checkmate" said the 'King' smiling broadly.

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