Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Louvre Door

"Frankie, but this was my last play date before the annual dinner at Dom and Vinnie's tomorrow. How could you let me down like this" lamented the 'bloviating bullshitter.' You know I need to make my 'bellicose bombast' during the meal, telling everyone how well I played" continued the "prevaricating provocateur.' "How's it going to look that the last blog I post I lose the first set (6-7 [4]) with you as my partner to Bob 'Kraut' Kluge, and of all people, George 'Teacher' Febles. "Titan, let that be my lesson to you" retorted, 'Teacher,' you left the door open when you got up 4-2 in games and eventually failed to close out the set on your service at 6-5. You have no one to blame but yourself you 'insipid idiot.' Titan responded. "Where have you been, my little 'jumping bean jalapeno amigo'? Mexico, Spain, Guatemala!? I thought you had spent your time teaching Spanish to little, rich, suburban, white boys, not lecturing 'loathsome libertines' like me" lambasted the 'noxious nincompoop.' "I can always blame someone else. 'Slats' is a Louvre Door; everyone breezes right through him! He can't stick a volley at net. He's made of cheap balsa wood and always seems to be satisfied only with getting the ball back. He never takes away his opponents time and space. He leaves me to try to win the point from the baseline." "Titan, you're being a little hard on your regular partner aren't you" continued 'Der Klugemeister.' After all Frank 'Slats' Slattery did contribute mightily to your (6-2, 4-2 partial) dismantling of 'Kraut'/'Teacher in subsequent sets.' To wit the TennisTitan smiled broadly and said, "Yeah, Bobby, maybe I'll still sit next to him at the restaurant so I can coach him."

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